Day 4, 68 miles, Saturday, August 20, 2008

Poughkeepsie, NY to Port Jervis, NY (my odometer - 70 miles, 12.6 mph, 5h 31min 33 sec)
Max speed: 33 mph

Up at 5:30; 6:30 breakfast at Hotel - Quality Inn: cheese omelet, home fries, coffee, orange juice; 7:30 load luggage; 7:45 on the road. 3,000 ft of climbing today.

Temperature this morning was 48F, so I put on a long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker. By the time we got to SAG 1, it was 62F and the long sleeves went into "the box". We pick up these items later at the hotel. The beginning of today's ride was to cross the Hudson River on the famous Franklin Roosevelt Bridge. A little while later we came to a very scenic planting of sunflowers, one of my favorite flowers. Several of us spent some time doing photos and then continued on.

SAG 1 was hosted by John and Carolyn Keith out in the yard of their new home. Keith had just completed the ABB Cross America North ride last week. He had a great cycling experience and wanted to do something special for ABB. It was very nice and the cyclists in our group really appreciated their hospitality. Later on we passed a sign about a "Gene Crossing". Andy and I decided to turn around and go back to try to find someone who could explain it. We both thought that Gene was probably the owner of the farm. We found 2 men in the barn and one of them was Gene. We were right! It was his "personal" crossing sign (see pic).

Today's ride was very enjoyable - great company and weather. We got to the hotel at 3:15. Tomorrow is a 77 mile ride to Phillipsburg, NJ.

My cycling group: Andy, Anne, me, Connie, Johnny

Crossing Hudson River

Hudson River

Hudson River

Sunflower field

Connie and Andy

One of my favorite flowers

Al and our group

SAG 1 hosted by John and Carolyn Keith

John and Carolyn's home

Their scenic view



Interesting sign in front of a farm

"Gene" - owner of the farm

Interesting town name

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