Day 5, 77 miles, Thursday August 21, 2008

Port Jervis, NY to Phillipsburg, NJ

(my odometer: 79.7 miles, 12.3 mph, 6h 24min 20 sec)
Max speed 39.2 mph

Up at 5:45, 6:30 breakfast at hotel: cold cereal, waffle, bagel, orange juice; 7:00 load luggage; 7:30 on the road. Weather today started out a cold 51F, foggy and damp. Many of us wore long sleeve cycling jackets, including me and I was very glad I did. The wind chill created by riding down the road made it feel like 41F. The fog burned off around 9AM and it turned out to be a beautiful cycling day.

We had some really steep climbs today, one that was about a quarter mile with parts that were 12% to 18% grade and several others that were 6% to 10% grade. Our route took us mostly through a wooded area of the state. When we stopped, and listened, what do you think we heard? NOTHING! It was so quiet, so peaceful, quite different from what we normally hear. From about 30 to 40 miles I rode with Mike (our mechanic) I did the 12% to 18% climb with him. At about 36 miles, I had a rear tire blow out (flat tire). We were riding along the Delaware River at the location where I took the picture of the guy fishing. The tire didn't shred and wasn't damaged, but it sounded like someone shot off a gun. He changed it for me and we continued on. About 200 feet down the road the rear tire blew out again. So we did it again, but this time we repeatedly checked the tire, tube and rim. Mike discovered a "nick" in the inside edge of the rim. We used a piece of sandpaper from my tire changing kit to smooth it out, put in another new tube and continued on. I was holding my breath. Well, good news, no more flat tires today. So I now have had 4 flat tires and I think I'm in the lead in that category. At about 20 miles out we began to ride on a series of roads right beside the Delaware River, going back and forth from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. It was very scenic, winding, quiet and peaceful.

I arrived at the hotel at 3:45, showered, and went to mechanic time and Mike did some adjustments to my rear brakes. I'm going to have to replace my whole rear brake assembly when I get home. It is about 12 years old and is just worn out.

Tomorrow is a 67 mile ride to Pottstown, PA. and the forecast looks good.

Something to think about

Delaware River passes through here

'Team Belgium '. John, Phillipe,Jerry"donut"

Mike changing my first tire

Fishing in the Delaware River

One way road

Mike walking the bridge over the Delaware River

Construction on our ride

This would be a long walk

Scenic view

Check out this "kid"

Delaware River

One of the many bridges over the Delaware River

Who is that guy?

Delaware River



Connie and Anne

Bill and Andy

Do harmonious people live here ?

Waiting for winter SNOW!

Nice cycling here

Low prices in NJ - especially at Clark's

Mike adjusting my brakes

Patty Tuma

Mike Roon and Greg Townley

Debbie Tarvin relaxing between duties

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