Day 3, 87 miles, Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Windsor Locks, CT to Poughkeepsie, NY (my odometer - 47.8 miles, 15 mph, 3h 9min 50 sec)
Max speed - 38.2 mph

Up at 5:15; 6:15 breakfast - waffle, raisin bran, yogurt, 2 muffins, orange juice; 6:45 load luggage, 7:00 all cyclists on the road (except me).

This was the day that I was going to do a live telephone interview with Sebastian, the morning DJ on WCCC, 106.9 FM. Yesterday I had a TV interview (NBC Channel 30) when I arrived at the hotel and then a radio interview with Damon Scott on 96.5 WTIC. Both were broadcast several times yesterday and this morning. Ed and Christy Koval from the Alzheimer's Association were there. It was fun and we felt it was quite successful. Both Ed and Christy were here again this morning for the WCCC interview and this one was a bit tougher. However, we thought it went well, especially because he invited me to return this Friday and I said I would like to.

Stay tuned!

If it happens, I'll try to get out the word through my daily journal in advance. The interview went from 8:05 to 8:15. The ABB support van then drove me out to join the ride at the 42 mile location.

There were several stops on the way to support various cyclists. I was dropped off at a Subway, had lunch there and then rode the remaining 47 miles to our hotel. It was raining for most of the morning, but by the time I joined the ride, the rain had stopped.

There were limited photo opportunities today. Tomorrow is a 68 mile ride to Port Jervis, NJ. The forecast is for a cool start (48F - Brrrrr!), but warming up into the 60's.

Scenic view

We only stay in NY one day

Clothing store side wall painting


Scenic view

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, we stayed here

Greg cleaning his bike

Bill cleaning his bike

Shaun (Ride leader) cleaning his bike

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