Day 14, September 22, 2007

Petaluma, CA to San Francisco, CA
51.8 miles, 12 mph, 4h 17m 44s (max speed 33mph)

Up at 5:45, 6 - 8 continental breakfast at hotel, 8:00 load luggage, 8:15 on the road. Weather forecast for today was correct. It rained last night and it was raining at 6 AM. We started our ride in a steady rain but by 10:00 it had let up to a light drizzle and by 11:00 it had stopped. But by that time we were very wet and cold. Fortunately this was a short 50 mile day. Several of us rode with Ellen as she lives in Frisco and knew the route very well. Part of the route today had many turns and short legs and she could ride it without the route sheet. I was glad the ride was over when I arrived at the hotel at 1:30.

There weren't very many photo opportunities on the route today and my camera (I had it with me) was packed in 3 plastic bags. Because of the rain and an unfamiliar route, I couldn't stop. If I had, I would have lost contact with our guide Ellen. Then I would have been alone and on my own. I'm very cautious and nervous about that happening. There were seven of us following her. However, we all did stop at the Golden Gate Bridge for some photos.

It was nice to get to the hotel and clean up. We had dinner at Lori's Diner, a popular eatery in the famous Ghirardelli Courtyard where I took some photos of our group. After dinner, I went on a pier street tour with Klaus Mac. Klaus is from Germany. I took some photos of what I thought was interesting stuff. Hey Donna, what do you think of that - - - "Johnny Rockets and Ben and Jerry's beside each other" - - - !!!

Alcatraz, Bay bridge in background

Picture taking party

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Cute baby!

Bridge traffic

Ellen, David and Gerry

Cloudy, damp, cool day on Golden Gate Bridge

Tom and Robin Dunn

Me and roommate Fred

View from Lori's Diner

Andy, Tom, me, Barbara, Fred, Tori, Tom, Mac, John, Klaus

The "Original"

Trolley car

Frisco waterfront

Frisco waterfront

Pacific Ocean crabs

Frisco waterfront

Lobster, lizard and crab bread

Bread for sale - $30 Bread?
$40?? $60???

Hey Donna! Your two favorite places. What could be better that that?

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