Day 13, September 21, 2007

Cloverdale, CA to Petaluma, CA
73.9 miles, 14.4 mph, 5h 5m 48s (max. 34 mph)

Up at 6:00, 6:45 load luggage, 7:00 breakfast at Stars a local restaurant on our route, 8:00 on the road. Forecast today was for temperature 48F early, warming up to 72F by mid afternoon and full sun all day. That was exactly what happened, so it was a great day for cycling. At 8 miles out we saw a sign post identifying all the vineyards and wineries in this area and as you can see, there are a lot of them. For the next 9 miles we had a quiet, few cars, enjoyable scenic ride. This, we were told, was just the beginning. Next week we will see many more, as we roll up and down the hills between San Francisco and Los Angles. We had only 1 SAG today at 35 miles, as there were many places to stop for lunch. The SAG was in the town of Rio Nido and we again passed through several groves of Giant Redwoods. They were not as big and majestic as the ones we saw passing through the "Avenue of the Giants". Tom and I stopped at a grocery store deli for lunch in the town of Occidental. It was at the top of a mountain on the "Bohemian Highway". It wasn't really a highway but a narrow winding road up and then down a mountain. The rest of the ride was uneventful with no photo opportunities.

We arrived at the Quality Inn at 2:30. I checked out accessing the internet in my room and was unable to access the hotel password screen. I called the tech support number and they were unable to help me. I was able to do it from the hotel lobby. The lobby is open all night so that's where I'll send stuff tonight. Tomorrow is a 48 mile ride (with many turns) to San Francisco and the forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow. One of our riders has told us that if it is good weather, we can expect to see 1,000 local cyclists out on the road. We'll see! Check my journal tomorrow.

New grapes planted this year

Lots of vineyards here

Easy to pick these

Ready to pick

Flowers here too

4 year old plants

Irrigation for an old vine

Scenic view

Tom, me, and Norb at SAG

Tom, me, and Andy at lunch

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