Day 15 September 23, 2007

REST DAY - San Francisco, CA

No alarm today, woke up at 7:45. Fred and I went to breakfast next door at Café Lombard Restaurant. We both then did laundry at a Laundromat next to the hotel. We then cleaned and lubed our bikes. Those were the two "must do" things necessary today, before we did anything else. Our hotel, Travelodge, is on Lombard Street. This street is has a very steep, famous section that is a series of short hairpin turns. The road surface is brick and both sides of the road have stairs for pedestrians to walk on. I walked down one side and up the other. On the side I walked up, I counted 250 stairs. I'm told that many movie scenes have been shot here. (see pics)

I had thought that I might also buy a one day cable car pass ride it all around the city, but I didn't do it. I couldn't find anyone else that wanted to do it the same time I wanted to. Also, as it turned out, I didn't have enough time anyway. We can't always do what we would like to. I still needed to finish yesterday's journal, write today's and send them to Ed. It has been overcast and cool all day. It is 3 PM right now, the clouds are starting to break up and the sun is starting to come out. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm for the rest of the week. I certainly hope so!

This is a Rest Day, so there is no Rap. We had it last night. Dinner will be at 4:45. I went to dinner with Bill and wife Jean, Bob and wife Julie, roommate Fred and Pat. Jean, Julie and Pat just joined us today for the last section of the ride. We went to Castagnola's, a seafood restaurant down on the piers by a Marina. It was a fun time.

Tomorrow is an 84 mile ride to Santa Cruz. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and warm.

Looking up Lombard St. from hotel

Looking down Lombard, our hotel Travelodge

Again, up Lombard

Very steep - Mike says 24%

Scenic Lombard St.

Scenic Lombard St.

Scenic Lombard St.

Scenic Lombard St.

Always tourists, top and bottom

Yes, that's me!

Famous Lombard St. - full view

Scenic Lombard St.

City view from bottom Lombard

Maritime Museum

Real person performing

Horse and Buggy tour

View from Castagnola's

Bob, Julie, Jean, Bill, Pat, Fred, me

Cable car power wires

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