Day 15, Sunday, September 5. Union City, TN to Dyersburg, TN
(43.6 miles, 15.1 mph, 2h 52m 29s) Short day today, slept in, up at 7:15, 7:45 continental breakfast here at Hampton Inn, tire changing clinic by ride leader Mike Monk at 8 AM, load luggage at 9:30, 9:40 on the road.

Already very hot (full sun) and quite humid - glad it's only 43 miles today. Skies became partly cloudy as the day went on. Roads were out in the country and smooth, winding, rolling hills - very pleasant riding. I did see my first cotton field, it didn't look much different than soybeans, just a few cotton balls, not mature yet, I'll see many more and will take lots of photos then. SAG today was at 28 miles.

SAG at 28 miles

Two days ago on Friday, Sept. 3, I heard what sounded like whispering in a corn field and I rode in to check it out. As I rode in, I recall that the whispering stopped and I felt a strange presence all around me. I didn't see anybody or anything but got the feeling that I better leave, so I did. As I rode down the road, I couldn't help but get the feeling there is a message here. I do remember hearing 15 words but could only make out 3 of them: "get... to... need..." If this is a message to me, I probably should investigate more corn fields. Am I imagining this? Is this a dream? Do I need a hammer or maybe a baseball bat?

Strange stuff - I'm leaving
Strange stuff - I'm leaving
So I rode out
So I rode out...

~-- To be continued ~--

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