Day 10, August 31, REST DAY

Up at 7:00, 7:30 Travelodge continental breakfast - waffles, raisin bran, donuts, juice.

I wrote in yesterday's journal that I went to visit Frank - I actually didn't visit him until today. I wrote yesterday's journal today. Sounds confusing, I know. Anyways, after I visited Frank today, I cleaned and lubed my bike and helped 3 other cyclists do theirs.

I've spent a lot of time sending Ed very short emails with attached pics - trying to get caught up so all pics are on the website up to and including our Rest Day today. If I don't finish I will try to accomplish this goal asap. I'm also unpacking and repacking my bags, they are such a mess. It's very hard living out of a suitcase day after day.

Organization, sometimes I have it, Sometimes I don't.

Went out to eat at Applebee's and had a new cheeseburger special that they have. Yes, that is a steak-knife sticking out of it. WOW! Now, that's "shrinp" - oops - "a burger"!

Steak-knife burger special!

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