Day 6, Friday, August 27. Clinton, IA to Galesburg, Illinois
(88.1 miles, 13.6 mph, 6h 27m 40s)

Up at 6AM, breakfast buffet at hotel - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, juice, 7:15 on the road.

Last night we had severe thunder storms - blowing wind and torrential rain. This morning the roads were partly dry and the sky partly cloudy. It got better as the day went on - so it turned out to be the most pleasant day yet. A significant part of our route today was on Illinois bike trails. I'm very impressed with the network of trails. Great Illinois Trails (GIT). The railbeds were donated to the state and the state constructed and now maintains them.

At 10 miles out we (Frank and I were together most of the time) came to the Albany Mounds of the Hopewell Indian culture. The word "mounds" refers to the fact that they buried their dead in a common mound that obviously would increase in height over time. Experts have determined that this culture goes back to 10,000 BC. It refers to a culture, not an indian tribe - a sedentary way of living based on farming. I took two pics of two information plaques hopeful that when enlarged on a computer, they would be readable.

Hopewell Indian Culture
Hopewell Indian Culture
Hopewell Indian Culture
Hopewell Indian Culture

The last 40 miles were rural country roads, wide open space, lots of corn and soy bean, very quiet and peaceful. The more I saw the fields of corn, the more I began to sense a personal "calling" to ride into the field to pursue my "field of dreams". Now, I have many dreams - some silly, some normal, some strange ... I'm not sure what I'll discover but I feel the need to pursue it. Today I did enter a field as I heard some whispering, but I couldn't quite make any sense out of it so I came out, happy but disappointed.

I went in!
I came out!

What did I find? Am I losing my mind?

I decided that during my daily rides, I will be checking out various corn fields with the hope that I will discover the answer to: Who is calling me? Why are they calling me? What is the message? I wonder if I need to build something?

[Editor's note: I have no idea for sure, but I don't think John has ever actually stayed awake thru the entire 'Field of Dreams' movie. This should be an interesting saga... Ed.]

Friendly ABB Road Message
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