Day 16, September 18, 2010
Thank You Party, Alice Acres, Gales Ferry, CT

Today is the day that I met with people who have made donations to my Alzheimer’s cycling cause. This is an annual gathering that takes place at “Alice Acres Farm Market and Greenhouses” in Gales Ferry, CT several days after I return from my ride. This is intended to be a time that I chat individually with people about my ride and also take about 20 minutes to share some of the highlights with the group. Light refreshments are also served.

This year was a 15 day, 1,000 mile ride from Washington, DC to Jacksonville, FL. My fundraising goal was $18,000 and as of Oct. 1, the effort has raised $19,800. I am very pleased with generous support that so many people have shown, especially considering the economic hardship that is facing so many families. Starting back in 1999, I have ridden over 13,000 miles across the country and the 12 year effort has raised over $185,000.

Trish Clark, executive Director of the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association, attended and shared some kind thoughts and information with the group.

I want to repeat here that the money that is raised through my cycling effort all goes to support the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts for Caregiver Support, Respite Grants, Safe Return, Research and Educational Awareness.

There are a few drugs that exist now that slow down the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, but there isn’t a cure yet. A tremendous amount of energy, time and money is being spent and a great deal of research is taking place. As time passes, much of the research becomes more “promising”, but time is running out. A feeling that is becoming more prevalent among “the experts” is that if a cure isn’t found soon, the disease will bankrupt our health care system by the year 2050.

Next year, I expect to do a 1,000 ride around Lakes Erie and Ontario. Thank you so much, everyone for your support!

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