Day 15, 65 miles, Wed. September 8, 2010
(my odometer: 67.5 miles, 14.9 avg mph, 4h 30m 37s, max speed 22.3 mph)

Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville Fl

Up at 5:30, 6:00 continental breakfast, 7:15 load luggage, 7:20 on the road. Today's forecast was for mostly sunny skies, thickening clouds by noon and by mid afternoon a 50% chance of a shower. Right on again and the shower occurred just after I got to hotel.

The first several miles were one of the most dangerous roads I've cycled on. Try to imagine the following... There was the usual white line that separates the road from the breakdown lane and there was a rumble strip exactly the same width as the white line. But the white line was painted exactly on top of the rumble strip. The breakdown lane was about 15 inches wide and we had to travel in the breakdown lane. It was very tricky. If we went too far to the left we were in the rumble strip and if we were too far to the right we were off the road. Full concentration was critical! Also, the road was narrow and the traffic was very heavy in both directions. The good news is that everyone got through this stretch safely.

There weren't a lot of photo opps today, but I tried to take some that were scenic, interesting or amusing.

I had an interview at the hotel with a photo journalist from the local TV channel 4 station. Jessica Eichhorn, the Development Director for the Jacksonville Alzheimer's Association was with me. It aired at 6:25 tonight. The interview lasted about 15 minutes but what they chose to put on the air was about 45 seconds. I focused on the passion that I have and that it would be great if more people did it. It was good awareness for the Jacksonville chapter.

Cyclists were very busy this afternoon packing, making plans, meeting deadlines and shipping bikes but we did get together to go to a steakhouse next to the hotel for our "last supper."

Today was the final day of this "Ride The East." Cyclists are experiencing mixed emotions. We all came together from different walks of life, jobs and experiences and a feeling of togetherness and bonding occurred as the cycling days passed. So it now is a bit sad that we part. However, we all of course have a yearning to return to our families and loved ones.

One final note; Those of you that live in the Ledyard area - please come to the thank you gathering that I have each year at Alice Acres Farm Market and Greenhouses "Farmer Pete's" on Saturday, Sept. 18, 3 to 5 PM.

(Click on the images below for a larger view of each photo.)

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Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view


Donít believe the sign

Welcome !

Welcome !

Interesting house

Mike, Carl, JB, me, Steve, Leslie, Mary Kay, Ken

Lots of stuff here

The "old" days

Packing up bikes

Packing up bikes

My interview for TV 4

Jessica Eichhorn, Memory Walk Chair


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