Day 14, 78 miles, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010
(my odometer: 80.5 mi, 15.2 avg mph, 5h 16m 12s, max speed 25.6 mph)

Savannah GA to Brunswick GA

Up at 5:30, 7:00 continental breakfast at hotel, 7:30 load luggage, 7:40 on the road. Today’s forecast again was for mostly sunny skies, temps in the low 90's and variable winds. Forecast was right on.

We all started out together and quickly pedaled out of Savannah and onto route 17. That was our only choice as there is no other road that exists that goes to Jacksonville from Savannah. For the first 20 miles, the road was in terrible shape: holes, narrow breakdown lane, rumble strips, gravel, glass, and all kinds of stuff. Then the road still had a narrow breakdown lane but it was a lot smoother.

We saw lots of logging trucks back in North Carolina, around 10 today. There are a lot of closed shops and businesses. The "smallest church" in America had until recently a congregation and a pastor, he passed away last year. But, there are people who still take care of it. The scenic view photos of the river, shrimp boats and baby alligator were taken at SAG 2.

I arrived at our hotel "laQuinta" at 3:30. We had dinner at a Cracker Barrel next to the hotel and then came back to hotel to have the traditional ABB "end of ride" celebration meeting. Mike and Carl received flat tire awards and Leslie was presented the official map award. We had a special cake, received our ride completion certificates and had a chance to say a few words. It was nice.

Tomorrow is the last day of cycling and is a 65 mile ride to Jacksonville, FL.

(Click on the images below for a larger view of each photo.)

Our bike lane


Not all cars obey sign

Spanish Moss/swamp

Logging truck

Out of business !

Lunch ? ugh!

? ? ?

That is a big nest

Scenic view


Nice but small

A very small church


Route 17


I had lunch here

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Picnic at SAG 2 Leslie and Mark Kay

3 foot alligator

Baiting his crab trap

Scenic view

My room

Our hotel

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