Day 12, 71 miles, Sun. September 5, 2010
(my odometer: 76.6 miles, 15.9 avg mph, 4h 47m 51s, max speed 25.4)

Walterboro, SC to Savannah, GA

Up at 5:00, 6:00 continental breakfast at hotel, 7:20 load luggage, 7:30 on the road. Today's forecast was for mostly sunny skies, temps in the low 90's and variable winds.

I joined 5 other cyclists leaving the for the day's ride. We rode along at a very fast pace of about 19 - 20 mph. This was just fine with me because I needed to arrive at our hotel in Savannah by 2PM. I was to meet with Jami Murray, Alzheimer's Association, Development Director for the Coastal Georgia Region and a reporter from a local TV station, WJCL Fox "the coastal source."

Just about perfect cycling weather today. "El Cheapo," really is the name of a gas station chain. The Spanish moss really was a nice photo. (see photos below) I expect we will see a lot more down the road.

I arrived at our hotel at 1PM. The interview did take place this afternoon at 1PM and it went very well. The 3 media contacts were arranged by Stu Miller back in the CT Alzheimerís office. (Thank you Stu for your help.)

The objective is to use my unique cycling effort to help create awareness for local Association chapters in cities I stop in. It helps them and it sometimes helps my effort too.

My room is quite elegant. My roommate's wife flew in from Arizona for the 2 days we are here, so I have the room to myself. Many of the hotels we have stayed at have had a pool, but I haven't gone in. This afternoon I did. I went for a swim and it was very relaxing.

ABB gave us food vouchers for dinner tonight at the Moon River Restaurant. I used it and then did a little exploring downtown. This is really a "happening place" with lots of stuff going on and things to see. That Great Dane (see photo below) was really big and friendly. The Rock Band in the downtown street was pretty cool and the water fountain "super sprinkler" was great for the kids. I'm anxious to check out more of the town again tomorrow.

(Click on the images below for a larger view of each photo.)

Continental breakfast at hotel

Swamp - no alligators

CHEAP gas !

SAG 1 Steve,Carl,Mary Kat,Mike,JB,Leslie,me

Spanish Moss

SAG 2 Steve,Kathi,Leslie,JB

Rt 17 (we road this 24 miles)

White Egrets

Savannah River

Small bridge over Savannah River

My room

Pool outside my room

Interview with TV WJCL Fox "the Coastal Source"

Jami and me

I had dinner here

Me and Zuess (Great Dane)

Pat & Mike - their dog Zuess

Rock Band playing in the Market Place

Water fountain "super sprinkler"

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