Day 11, 64 miles, Sat. September 4, 2010
(my odometer: 67.1 miles, 13.3 avg mph, 5h 7m 16s, max speed 24.1)

Santee, SC to Walterboro, SC

Up at 5:00, 6:00 continental breakfast at hotel, 7:15 load luggage, 7:20 on the road. Today’s forecast is for mostly sunny skies, temps in the low 90's and a northwest wind of 5 mph.

Yesterday there was very little shade due to virtually no tree canopy and I thought that it would be the same today, but I was wrong there was a lot of shade.

About 40 miles out I made a left turn and immediately passed a parked pickup truck on my left and there was a guy sitting in the truck bed with a rifle across his lap. I was very curious about this. After going a short distance, I turned around and went back to ask him what he was "hunting." He told me "deer." One of the deer hunting strategies down here is to use dogs out in the woods to drive the deer out into the road and the "hunters" sit and wait for the deer to emerge from the woods and shoot them.

I continued down the road and came upon a rather large road kill with 5 or 6 very large vultures having lunch. Interesting stuff, things are different down here. I finished the ride around 3pm and went across the road where Vivian [see below] and I shared a Dairy Queen before checking into the hotel.

Tomorrow is a 72 mile ride to Savannah, GA.

(Click on the images below for a larger view of each photo.)

Continental breakfast

Kathi stretching

Kathi, Steve, JB, Leslie

Steve, Mary Kay, me, Leslie, Mike, Carl, JB, Kathi

Check out the gun

Miniature donkeys

Special parking

Cute sign

Vultures in the trees

Local hardware store

Vivian likes DQ

Best Western

Nice pool

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