The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Weds., July 12, (69.3 miles), 15.7 mph, 4h 23m, Day 9

Rode from Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN. Wake up call at 6:00, loaded the luggage truck, had breakfast at Bob Evans with Clement Lam, a math teacher at Mission Jr. College in Santa Clara, CA, and Ray Mitchell, who works for Amnesty International in London England. I had eggs benedict, my favorite.

Off at 7:00. A short way out I joined Cathy Ott (staff), a sixth grade math and science teacher at a middle school in Palo Alto, CA, and another staff member. We flew along at 18 to 19 mph against a stiff head wind for about 20 miles to the only SAG for today. After 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a fill up of my water bottles, I left alone knowing that some strong riders would be coming along soon. I was quickly overtaken by Mike Monk, our world class racer and Senior Olympics gold medalist, Cathy Ott and Todd (staff). I joined their pacing chain traveling at 20 - 22 mph but after about 2 miles Mike stood up and took off, and I just couldn't keep up this time. It was really neat pacing with Mike, I consider it an honor.

SAG stop
Me signing in at the SAG stop.

Me and Cathy Ott, a very strong rider and a 6th grade math and science teacher at a middle school in Palo Alto, CA.

At 57 miles I stopped at a sandwich and ice cream shop for an ice cream, very refreshing. Then continued on and arrived at the Holiday Inn in Richmond at about 1 PM.

Ice cream stop
Me, J.L. and Ken Franklin, a writer for Consumer Reports magazine, at the sandwich and ice cream shop.

This is a beautiful high class hotel, I wish it had been our rest day hotel. Checked into my room, cleaned up and got a call from Christy Clark, Board of Directors of the local Alzheimer chapter. She and Laurie McCullough, Director of the chapter, will be planning some sort of reception event for tomorrow at Marysville, OH. It will coincide with a 3-5 PM reception for all riders on the tour. The only problem is that we lose an hour tomorrow and the ride is 105 miles and has lots of turns! We will be meeting at Herron's 5th Street Deli. I'm anxious to see and talk to anyone who wants to listen!

I cleaned and lubed my bike, then at route rap I talked about my Alzheimer effort and encouraged everyone to consider doing an Alzheimer effort in their home state. We went to dinner at Ryan's Steakhouse for their buffet. Boy did I eat a lot! Everything was so good and there was a huge variety.

I'm back at the hotel now completing today's journal entry, we are still on Central time here. Tomorrow 1 mile down the road it will change to Eastern Standard time. I've been thinking of Donna all day wondering how the annual meeting of our So. Central Alzheimer Region went. I hope she did a good job with her speech and I hope they all liked my 12 min. video. She should be calling at 8:30. I think I'll wait till she calls before I send this to Ed.

Donna called and everything went great, folks really liked my video and she made a very nice acceptance speech. Nighty night!

hotel room
My room at Holiday Inn, Richmond, very classy place

This is the Holiday Inn where we are staying tonight

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