The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

July 13, (105 miles), Day 10, Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH

Wake up call at 5:00, load luggage at 5:15. Breakfast at 5:30, off at 6:00. Beautiful cycling weather, 15 min. out we changed to Eastern time so we lost an hour. I rode with intensity today in order to be on time to meet Lori McCollough, the Communications Director of the Central OH Alzheimer's Association. I rode with several pacing chains 18-22 mph. The ride today was rather uneventful but my afternoon was inspiring. 2 SAG's today at 41 miles and 76 miles.

Entering OH
Me entering Ohio

SAG stop
Me and my friend Roger Berthold from Wilmington, DE at SAG 1. I'm eating watermelon and just finished 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

Ohio:  farmland ad nauseum
This is a typical farm in Ohio. I have passed hundreds of them. Such pretty settings.

I arrived at Herron's downtown Deli at 2 PM. This meeting place was previously arranged with Lori. I was an hour early but Lori was there waiting for me. I had a sandwich and 2 sodas and talked her ear off. She then took me to Carriage Court Communities assisted living facility. There I met Judy Knight, the Regional Director of Carriage Court. She is also the Vice President of the Central OH Alzheimer's Association. I also met and chatted with several residents, told them about my bike and some trip stories. They really liked the one about the "tar monster". They were all sitting on the front porch waiting for me as I rode in on my bike. I stayed there about an hour, it made me feel soooooo good to see their interest and enthusiasm. Judy told me that they will be talking about it for days, they were so impressed that I would stop by to visit them. J, I really enjoyed my afternoon with Lori, all the Alzheimer's people are such kind, friendly, caring people.

Me and Hazel Stieroff
This is me and Hazel Stieroff, a resident of Carriage Court Communities. Just prior to this picture she handed me a cash donation for my Alzheimer ride! I almost cried! I gave it to Lori.

Judy, me, and Lori
Left to right, Judy Knight, the regional director of Carriage Court Communities, me, and Lori McCollough the communications director of the Central OH Alzheimer's Association.

I then rode to the Days Inn. I followed Lori 'cause I didn't know the way. Checked in, went to dinner at Frish's Big Boy for another buffet. This time I showed some restraint and only ate enough for 2 people. Went to route rap and shared with the group my personal high for today - my visit to the assisted living facility. They all clapped, another emotional moment.

I hand washed some bike shorts, I hope they dry overnight on the railing outside my room. Now writing journal at 8:00, and waiting for Donna to call. I hope to get this out to Ed by 10:00. Tomorrow is another big ride, 105 miles to Wooster, OH, and it has 3780 ft of climbing.

Silly Sox!
SILLY SOX! Who would wear sox like these?

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