Day 6, 49 miles, Sunday May 31, 2009

Lexington "Loop"
(my odometer: 58 miles,12.7avg. mph, 4 hr 32 min 44 sec)
Max speed: 43.2 mph

Up at 5:30: 6:00 continental breakfast here at hotel: French Toast, sausage patties, cheese Danish, assorted cut fruit, yogurt, assorted dry cereal and orange juice; 6:50 on the road.

It rained last night and the roads were still wet. At 6:15 it was overcast but the forecast was for scattered thunder storms so I decided not to bring Vivian. Paul and I decided to ride together today and we did the short option ride of 49 miles. As you can see, we got a very early start. At two miles, the sun came out and it just got better - a beautiful cycling day. Again, the route was full of rolling hills, some very challenging (see elevation graph).

Yesterday I mentioned what has been a throbbing ache in my right shoulder, actually for the last several days. Jenny Moshak, one of our cyclists, is the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at the University of Tennessee. She oversees the departments of Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning and Team ENHANCE (the emotional and mental health program). She is a certified Athletic Trainer and certified Strength and Conditioning coach. She directly takes care of the Lady Vols basketball team's medical needs. She asked me lots of questions and watched me doing assorted arm motions and concluded that I needed some deep tissue massage and spent about 45 min. doing that to my shoulder, back and neck last night. The hope was that I wouldn't experience that same discomfort on the ride today. Well, there was improvement but by the end of the ride (58 miles), the pain was back. As per her suggestion, I iced it this afternoon and need to do it again tonight. I also am now taking ibuprofen three times a day for inflammation. I will ride tomorrow but a shortened version of the planned 45 miles, probably about 32 miles. Another cyclist who has had similar pain in the past and used magnets taped to his shoulder, has lent me two magnets to use. Jenny agrees with this course of action. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

We arrived back at the hotel at 12:15 and had lunch at a Subway just down the road. I then spent some time on my computer and at about 3 PM, twelve of us went to Rockbridge Vineyard in Raphine, for a wine tasting. When we got back it was time for RAP and then off to dinner at Salarno's, a downtown restaurant.

I am in the process of collecting and soon posting the autobiographies of all the cyclists on this ABB ride. It will take me several days to do this but we and those who are following my adventure will find it very interesting reading. I hope to do this by this Wed. June 3

Scenic view

Scenic view

Going swimming or just wading

Me and Jenny Moshak

Scenic view

Check out the corner log joints

Scenic view

Scenic view

Paul starting a fast downhill

Scenic view

Scenic view

Ice pack on right shoulder

Wine tasting at Rockbridge Vineyard

The vino tour group

Elevation graph

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