Day 6, Friday, September 14,2007

Hi everyone - this is Ed. John didn't send me any stories today, but he sent LOTS of pictures. I'm wondering if we should have a photo-captioning contest, or see who can come up with the best stories for his Friday ride... I'm imagining something along the lines of:

Woke up. Ate. Loaded the van. Got on the road.

There was no sun. We saw lots of ocean and woods and trucks.

We stopped for food and a herd of gazelle wandered thru the SAG.

Space-men from Jupiter loaned us their hoverbikes to get over a washed-out bridge (ok maybe that didn't happen).

For dinner, I ate 17 slices of pizza and ten cokes. And a cookie.

Now I'm tired and it's time for bed.

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Giant rocks in the ocean

Giant rocks in the ocean

Giant rocks in the ocean

They're not alpacas, they're llamas (thanks, Mom)

Ocean pier

More rocks in the ocean.

Very small rocks in the ocean.

Me and Vivian looking at some really big rocks in the ocean.

Holy cow that's a big rock in the ocean!

I think the colors just didn't come out right on this one...

Scenic ocean view

Scenic ocean view

Me enjoying the scenic ocean view

Scenic ocean view

Apparently our hotel is a chickencoop.

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