Day 5, Thursday, September 13,2007

Florence, OR to Bandon, OR
79.7 miles, 12.3 mph, 6h 28m 19s

Up at 5:30, 6:30 continental breakfast at hotel - 3 juices, 4 types of dry cereal, toast, bagels, yogurt, individual cheddar cheese omelets, sausage patties, milk and coffee. 7:30 load luggage, 7:40 on the road.

We were hopeful that today the sun would come out. It didn't! At 8:00 AM it was a cool, misty 52F. This is our 5th day of cycling and we have yet to see the sun! The weather has been lousy! Maybe tomorrow will be better. However, even though the weather has been bad, I learn something interesting or something interesting happens every day. Here's some stuff. About a mile before SAG 1, Tom and I were passing by a huge ATV and Marina complex. A local fisherman had just caught a huge fish.(see pic) It was a 10 lb Coho salmon (silver). He was so proud! The view at SAG 1 was of a Triangle shaped ocean area that we later found out to be a cultivation area for oysters and mussels. We also thought that 150 years ago, it was a Tuna packing factory.(see pic) I didn't know it but, Oregon has many sand dunes. In some places due to strong NW winds, portions of forests are being covered up.(see pic) I'll be writing about other interesting stuff in future journals.

We're on this trail often

Happy fisherman

SAG 1 ocean view

Tom gets a new tire

It's Mike's spare

SAG ocean view

Oregon's shifting sand dunes

Dewett bridge

Dewett bridge

Vivian is scared!

View from Dewett bridge

Tom Dunn

... from doing what??

Piles of oyster shells in Charlestown

Charlestown, OR

SAG 2 at Charlestown

Our bikes - me and Tom

I wonder if it works?

Deforestation (strip cut)

Our route

A tough road to ride

View from high point on "Seven Devils Rd."

Our room - balcony view

Our room - balcony view

Bandon Inn - our hotel tonight

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