Day 3, Thursday, August 3

Liverpool, NY to Little Falls, NY
( 78 miles/15.9 mph avg.) 4h 53m 26sec

Up at 5:15, organize and pack up, Continental breakfast at hotel - cold cereal, muffin, orange juice and coffee, 6:00 load luggage, 6:45 on the road.

Weather report is for scattered thunder storms (temp. in low 80's) so I brought my rain coat, plastic bags to cover my bike rack (I carry my camera inside) and Vivian's rain coat. Vivian's raincoat is a plastic zip lock bag that I fasten at the bottom with a rubber band. The first 8 miles was very busy with local traffic but after that we were traveling on country roads. It was overcast with a cool gentle breeze from time to time and a lot more comfortable today than it was yesterday. However, we did experience misty rain several times. Actually it is quite pleasant to be riding down the road with a cool misty rain in your face. But I had to cover my bike bag and Vivian for most of the day. Also, there weren't very many photo opportunities. Two SAG's again today - 26 miles and 53 miles. It is so refreshing to access cold water there.

I arrived at Best Western Hotel in Little Falls at 12:30. I helped unload the luggage, had a quick lunch at the hotel restaurant (Reuben sandwich), had a shower and then went across the street to a Laundromat to do the only wash I will need to do for this trip. Went back to my room to clean and lube my chain, do my journal and listen to the weather report for tomorrow. At 5 PM the hotel held a social hour for us with juices and hors d'oeuvres. Dinner was here at the hotel followed by route rap.

Tomorrow is an 83 mile ride to Troy. We might get thunderstorms tonight but tomorrow looks OK.

You can't walk to this church!

What are those goats lookin' at?

Unloading bags in Little Falls

Our mobile "computer lab"

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