Day 19, July 11, REST DAY Casper, Wyoming

Woke up several times, rolled over and went back to sleep, finally got up at 8 AM. Went to bed at 10 PM last night, so got 10 hours of much needed sleep. I had a number of things I needed to do today. Donna has sent me cards at almost every hotel - got 2 cards this morning slipped under the room door. What a nice surprise.

Had a leisurely breakfast with my departing roommate Steve and hung out, chatted with fellow cyclists. Did my laundry, changed my room to hook up with my new roommate and then went to lunch with Bob and Lee Evans at JB's restaurant next door. Had a nice salad bar.

Back to hotel, cleaned and lubed my bike, hung out and used the high speed computer in hotel lobby. This is a very nice hotel run by some very nice people.

Bill Manning, my new roommate.  (We're showing off our bikers' 

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