Day 15, July 7: Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson WY
93.1 miles; 13.4 mph, 6hr 57min 47sec

Up at 5:45, 6:00 breakfast buffet at restaurant next to Red Lion Hotel - the usual: scrambled eggs, pancakes, cold cereal, juice and coffee, 6:30 load luggage, 7:00 on the road.

The anxiety I felt last night is with me again today, even stronger. We had a long gentle climb for the first 35 miles. It was very calm until 20 miles out when we encountered a strong head wind. I was in a pacing line and we could only do about 15 - 17 mph. Not much for photos as we were heading east into the morning sun.

Scenic view leaving Idaho Falls Scenic view leaving Idaho Falls Getting SAGE advice at SAG #1

At SAG 1 ( 8:30 AM ) I consulted the SAGE. I said to the SAGE "whaz zup". He said "John, do you remember the flat tire you had back on July 5 in Burley, when you woke up? I told you that there might be more. You really need to seriously consider the cruise with Donna in Sept." Hmmm! I didn't realize that you had so much influence with bicycle flat tires. Maybe you're right - I'll call Donna tonight and discuss cruise plans. "Good" said the SAGE, "I'll expect you to talk to me before you leave Wyoming." Maybe if I agree with the cruise, I won't get any more flat tires.

Scenic view Snake River Snake River Approaching mountain for first climb Who lives here?? Ranch entrance Wild flowers Pine Creek summit Pine Creek summit Downhill view Mountains I will climb Lunch at Victor Valley Grocery Winter info for climbing to Teton Pass Approaching climb to Teton Pass It is beautiful out here! WOW!  Tough climb ahead... Scenic view during climb

Wild flowers Wild flowers
Wild flowers Wild flowers

Guess I made a wrong turn! View during climb This is a really steep downhill Teton Pass summit View during descent View during descent View during descent View during descent View during descent View during descent View during descent Snow-capped Teton Mountains Snake River Snow-capped Teton Mountains Snow-capped Teton Mountains

Scenery in Wyoming so far is excellent and tomorrow is supposed to be better. Lots of highlights today as evidenced by all the photos I took. The Snake River views, mountain views, climbing and descending and the wild flowers. The 3 mile 10% continous climb was really tough. I had to get off my bike a couple of times to stretch and rest briefly. But, I did not walk my bike up the mountain at any time. Actually, I have never walked my bike up a hill or mountain. That was one of my goals for this ride and I did it !!! The 10% descent from Teton Pass was 2000 feet in 5 miles. It was awesome! My max speed was 44.1 mph and I used my brakes a lot.

Elk Horn Arch in Jackson Elk Horn Arch in Jackson Meet-and-greet with the locals

When I got to Jackson, I took a ride downtown (off route) to check it out. Lots of tourist businesses and shops. The 4 Elk horn arches are really neat. Each year approximately 7,500 Elk spend the winter on a National Elk Refuge nearby. Bulls shed their horns in Spring and Boy Scouts pick them up and they are sold to the public in the town square each May. A small town park has 4 entrances with Large Elk arches.

I arrived at the Day's Inn about 4 PM, cleaned up, started my journal, went to dinner at 5:30, came back for route rap at 6:00, continued my journal and had a massage at 8:30 in my room by Heidi - a friend of Mike and Barbara. I'm thinking of signing up for another one in Casper. It felt good. I did need it after todays climbing.

It is now 10:30, going to try to do journal on computer, send to Ed and check e-mail by midnight. Tomorrow is an 88 mile ride to Dubois with mild climbing.

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