Day 14, July 6: Blackfoot, ID to Idaho Falls, ID
36.3 miles; 2 hr 26 min 28 sec

Up at 6:30, 7:00 breakfast - buffet on the patio of Best Western Blackfoot Inn - pancakes, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, yogurt, juice and coffee, 8:00 load luggage, 8:30 on the road.

Today was very short for route mileage. The route was typical of recent Idaho prairie scenery. The back roads were very rough - small crushed stone embedded in blacktop. It wears out your tires very fast. Actually, I need to replace my rear tire as the tread is worn almost flat. Hope it makes it through tomorrow's climbs.

local farmer, Glen Christensen and his dog, Tanna Prairie farm Snake River Cute mailboxes here I am, what do I do next??? tree house

I met a nice gentleman on the road today, Glen Christensen and his dog Tanna. He is a local farmer, we had a nice chat.

We continued to weave back and forth across the Snake River, which is growing in size as we approach it's origin.

More interesting photos today - cute mailboxes, a real tree house, a white llama, a well manicured potato farm and some real nice shots of the Idaho Falls. These falls generate 50% of the city's electric power. It is a "flow of the river hydro electric system". UPDATE: Our head mechanic Garard, changed my rear tire, just to be safe, as I was quite nervous about how it had worn. After dinner at route rap Mike discussed tomorrows ride and it is going to be the toughest yet - difficult climbing, 10% in some places. We will start at 4,750 feet and do 2 major climbs. The first one to 5,820 feet and the second to 8,431 feet. Very steep descents also - mountain on one side and a vertical cliff on the other. If we didn't use our brakes, it is possible to reach 50, 55 or even 60 mph!!!!

Guess what - I plan to use my brakes!

I feel very comforted now that I have a new rear tire. 3 SAG's tomorrow - 25 miles, 58 miles and 77 miles at the second summit Teton Pass. I'll share more details on tomorrow's journal. Also, I have made plans to get a massage tomorrow night at 7:30. Never had one before. I'm anticipating that I'll probably need it.

Mike Monk - ride leader; and Garard Boisse - head 
mechanic Llama Nicely manicured potato farm The Idaho Falls The Idaho Falls The Idaho Falls

Click here for a movie of the Idaho Falls

The Idaho Falls Carol O'Bryan from IL

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