Day 4, July 23, 1999

Ride info: From Syracuse, NY to Little Falls, NY. 85 miles ride distance.

Riding today with Courtney, Russ, Gene, and Paul. SAG stop at Knuckleheads Saloon. It was 94 degrees out when we passed through Utica. HOT!!! Also had to contend with Woodstock traffic.

Stopped for lunch at a small pizza restaurant and while we were there the power went out. We changed our hot order to a cold order, and soon found out that a live power line had fallen from a pole 20 feet in front of two of our bikers. After lunch, a short way down the road, I observed 9 wild turkeys flying across the road on top of a biker 60 feet in front of me. Always an adventure on the road!

I arrived at our hotel - Best Western in Little Falls at 2:00 pm. Did usual bike stuff, went shopping and came back to hotel for a 1 hour reception (free beer and hors-d'oeurves). Buffet dinner at the hotel included salad, baked fish, pasta, red potatoes, roast beef, sliced turkey, and Boston cream pie. Temps were in the 90's. A/C in the room didn't work, but the repairman sort of fixed it. A "tipsy" biker returning from a winery wine-tasting tour wandered into our room, and I escorted her to the kitchen for some food. Her roommate took her back to their room.

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