Day 3, July 22, 1999

Ride info: From Canandaigua, NY to Syracuse, NY. 63 miles ride distance.

Wake up call at 4:35??? Aiiiigh! Back to sleep!

Breakfast at Denny's: "Denver Slammer" pancakes, bacon, sausage, large OJ, scrambled eggs, coffee. Ate with a medical student at Case Western, Cleveland, OH, a retired finance executive from Minnesota, and a math teacher at an alternative high school in Denver, CO.

On the road, I met Jean Bement, a retired middle school secretary in Hopewell, NY. She was tending their vegetable garden (her husband roto- tilled the garden 3 days ago and had a heart attack that night and was recovering at home). In Seneca, I met Rod Lightfoote. He sold his 250-acre farm last year to another farmer who farms 700 acres of corn for Green Giant Niblets canned corn. I met another family that owns a 300-acre dairy farm and chatted with them while they ate a noon meal at their picnic table under a large oak tree.

I arrived at the Holiday Inn, Syracuse approximately 3 pm. Did the usual stuff with the bike and went for a swim in the pool. Excellent buffet dinner at the hotel: Chicken, salad, mixed vegetables, meat and vegetable lasagna, macaroni and cheese, 3 Pepsi's, ice cream. I even got to wash some clothes - had to hang them out to dry on the railing, though! Lights out at 10:40 pm.

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