Day 5, July 24, 1999

Ride info: From Little Falls, NY to Albany, NY. 70 miles ride distance.

Riding today with Dan, a very fast staff rider. Hammered for 30 miles to SAG. My computer went dead 6 miles out. This was very disappointing because I rode so hard and wanted to know what my performance numbers were. I rode fast today because when I reached Albany (actually Latham), this was about 20 miles from Donna's parents' farm, where there was a Youmans Family Reunion! I arrived at the Clarion hotel at 11:30 am, called Donna, cleaned the bike, and then Donna and nephew Greg arrived.

Donna and I had reserved our own room back in April, but we quickly discovered that the room we had been given was already occupied! After we straightened this out, we drove to the reunion and had a wonderful time with all our family. We later returned to the hotel and prepared for the next day's ride.

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