Day 2, July 21, 1999

Ride info: From Hamburg, NY to Canandaigua, NY. 94 miles ride distance.

Breakfast at Denny's -- 3 pancakes, 3 fried eggs, large OJ, coffee. I ate with a high school biology teacher from Plattsburgh, NY, a management investment broker, an estate lawyer from San Diego, CA, and a medical graduate student.

Life on the road is full of adventures, as I quickly learned. 45 miles into the ride, a very large Doberman charged across the road and would have caught us (6 bikers in a pacing chain), except an 18-wheeler was traveling in the same direction as we were at about 70 mph. The driver blew his air horn, slammed on his brakes, screeched his tires, caught the dog's attention (and ours!) and passed between us and the dog. PHEW!

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