Day 1, July 20, 1999

Ride info: From Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY. 82 miles ride distance.

We traveled on Route 5, which went right along the southern shore of Lake Erie. We were rarely more than 200 yards from the lake - very pleasant, scenic ride. I forgot to bring my bike pump so I had to borrow one from a staff rider until I reached Latham, NY on 7/24 where Donna would meet me.

At 30 miles we stopped in Barcelona Harbor, very beautiful. A gentleman from the Westfield Chamber of Commerce Information Center brought us all free small bottles of Welch's grape juice. This area of NY has hundreds of acres of grapes that are used to make Welch's grape juice.

We continued on, experiencing wonderful scenery to Hamburg, NY and the Ho-Jo's-Pennywise Inn. This hotel had A/C (the hotel in Erie did not). After I checked in and cleaned my bike (I cleaned my bike, degreased/lubed my chain every day), I had dinner at Bob Evans with some of my new friends. This night's dinner companions included a physics professor from Cal State University, a 4th grade teacher from Tucson, AZ, a marketing specialist from Minneapolis-St. Paul, a retired USN officer, and a professor of communications from Purdue University. Dinner was fried cod, grilled vegetables, 3 Pepsi's, and peanut butter ice cream pie! Lights out at 10pm back at the motel.

Back to the pre-ride prep! Ride For Alzheimer's Home On to the next day!

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