8 Day Southeastern CT Tour
Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Mystic, Groton, Stonington

Day 5, Saturday, August 17, 2013
29.4 miles
Preston, Griswold, No. Stonington
2h 22m 55s
12.3 avg speed
max speed 35.4 mph

Another fantastic day for cycling! Up at 6:00. Actually Foxy woke us up at 5:55. When I was getting out of bed, I fell on the floor. Anyone out there reading this? OOPS! I took Foxy out and restocked the bird feeders. BTW, there are over 30 different varieties of birds that visit my feeders over the course of the year. Many other chores need to be done before I drive out to the ride starts. Donna made me our usual Saturday "Lumber Jack Special," as we call it - juice, coffee, scrambled eggs, toast and home fries.

Today was a 30 mile ride very similar to the Preston part of yesterday's ride, lots of hills and curves. Ray Foss joined me again today. It seemed to me like we were out there for 4 hours, but it was only about 2 hours. When we were 18 miles out, we passed by Buttonwood Farms. I've never been there but it looks like a cool place to visit. They have a corn maze there and an ice cream stand. Donna seems to think the maze is a recent addition to their attractions.

When we got back to Preston Plains School at 11:50AM We saw an interesting sight in the sky. There was a person up there flying around in a "parachute ultra light." Thirty years ago I saw one flying around above Ledyard. It is a person strapped into a chair, a small motor under the chair that runs a large fan behind the chair that provides the force necessary to move the apparatus forward. There is a large rigid parachute above the chair and attached to the chair. It flies around at about 300 ft up.

Buttonwood Farms

Strange spelling?

Corn maze

Parachute ultra light
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