8 Day Southeastern CT Tour
Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Mystic, Groton, Stonington

Day 3, Thursday, August 15, 2013
Groton, Montville, Norwich
3,000 ft of climbing
Preston, Ledyard
3h 26m 58s
12.6 avg mph
max speed 35.6 mph

Up at 6:00, our Foxy alarm clock is working great! Donna made me blueberry pancakes - yum, yum! Today’s ride start was at the Groton Board of Ed. Bldg. on Flanders Rd. I was pleasantly surprised to see Ray Foss show up again to join me. He has been a good friend and a very serious cyclist over the years. Today’s ride highlight was definitely crossing over the Thames River on the Gold Star Bridge. I rarely cycle west of the Thames River so it was a nice treat to cycle clockwise through Montville, Norwich and Preston. Lots of hills today - most of the 3,000 ft of climbing today was in Montville. We had a "SAG stop" today in Norwich, organized by my wife Donna. FYI for some of you who read this Blog, a "SAG stop" is a Rest Stop for cyclists (especially on long rides) to briefly rest, eat various energy snacks, and refill their water bottles.

Gold Star Bridge views, Thames River, Sub Base

Crossing bridge

SAG Stop

Bridge traffic

Vivian doesn't like bridge
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