8 Day Southeastern CT Tour
Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Mystic, Groton, Stonington

Day 2, Wednesday, August 14, 2013
31.2 miles
Ledyard, Preston, Groton
2hr 57m 58s
12.1 avg mph
max 36.1 mph

Up again at 6 AM, thanks to Foxy. Today was another great cycling day. Ray Foss, a long time friend and Pequot Cyclist joined me at Ledyard high School, the ride start. The weather today again was great - sunny, mild, no humidity. The first 9 miles was on a "hilly" part of Ledyard - Gallup Hill, Wendell Comrie, Lambtown, Whalehead and Stoddards Wharf . Actually, riding up though Preston was hilly also. One of the flatter parts was on Shewville Rd.

Filling up with "high test" gas

Trying to pay - nobody home

Charlie Brown and Snoopy weeding garden

Ray Foss and me

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