The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Springfield, Ill.

Friday, July 7. Rode 109 miles today, Ride Day #4

Wake up call at 5:30, Breakfast at 6:10. Weather is overcast and temp. 71. Left at 6:45, riding with my roommate Chris Boemer from Orlando FL. He is doing this stage, "Heartland Tour".

Breakfast at Days Inn
Breakfast at the Day's Inn

Loading luggage truck
Loading the luggage truck at 5:45 am!

I need to get to Springfield, Ill. by 3:30 PM to meet Marilyn Schaefer, a member of the Board Of Directors of the Land Of Lincoln Alzheimer's Chapter.

The ride started out with ideal conditions, overcast, slight headwind, good road surface, not too much traffic. Soon I was in the Land of Soy Beans and Corn. That's all I saw for most of the 109 miles today!

Corn, corn, corn
This corn is being grown by the Univ. of Illinois Agriculture Dept.

Soybeans, soybeans, soybeans
This is what a healthy soybean crop looks like.

2 SAG's today, I stopped at both. Peanut butter sandwich, gatorade, snacks at the SAG. Rode the last 50 miles with Roger and Katrina, both from Delaware. We made a pacing chain and arrived at 3 PM in Springfield, where I was greeted by Marilyn Schaefer. The reception will be at 3:30 at St. Joseph's home for the elderly, just across the street.

Hotel room was not ready yet, so I rode over to St. Joseph's. The landscaping was just beautiful. As I rode into the facility and down a walkway to a pretty gazabo there were 35 people there clapping their hands for my arrival - WOW! Marilyn made a few announcements and introduced me. I spoke to them for about 20-30 min. about my ride and my feelings and thoughts concerning Alzheimers Disease. I also spoke about my goals and "VISION". Many people asked questions. People present were Marilyn and daughters Melissa and Maggie, Dena Thrasher (Director of the Alz. Chapter), Jodi Stout (Memory Walk chairperson), Terri Hemstead (the director of the home), several residents and their families, a reporter from the State Journal-Register newspaper, 2 TV reporters from Decatur and Springfield NBC and ABC affiliates. After my "message", they interviewed me. It is supposed to be on local TV cable channels 13 and 20 tonight on the 10 PM news. This was a very special event for me, I continue to be so pleased and impressed by all the people that work so hard to spread Alzheimer's awareness.

LATE NOTE: I got to watch myself on local TV cable channels 13 and 20, it was "cool"!

Corn, corn, corn...
Corn as far as the eye can see!

Sweet corn, corn, corn...
Sweet corn, and lots of it...

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