The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Ride day 2, Wed. July 5.

Rode 82 miles today. Wake up call at 5AM, weather looks fine. Packed up, had breakfast at the hotel, and left at 7 AM.

Typical soybean farm
A typical soybean farm.

Gentle rolling hillside
Gentle rolling hilly countryside.

Gentle rolling hills that got steeper as the day went on. SAG stop in Linneus at 32 miles, very hot and humid, drinking lots of water.

SAG stop at mile 32 in Linneus
SAG stop at mile 32 in Linneus.

Another SAG stop at 54 miles. Hundreds of ticks everywhere crawling on everything.

Rolling hills - much steeper and constant. My chain broke at 57 miles, I chose to ride the SAG van to the destination hotel. Very glad I did, I have never seen a road like Rt. 11 from Linneus to Kirksville. I was told later by a "local" that cars avoid Rt. 11 because they get motion sickness! A rider counted 107 hills on todays ride...

View to the west View to the east
Views looking west and then looking east from the same place

Scenic road view Roadkill alert!
More scenes from the road...

I got to the hotel at 1 PM, a local TV reporter arrived at 1:45 and interviewed me, it is supposed to be on the 10 PM news, IT WAS! My roommate and I watched it, It was really cool. Last week I was interviewed on the phone by a local radio reporter from Kirksville. The interview was on the radio this morning, a newspaper reporter was also here this afternoon. The article is supposed to be in tomorrow's morning paper.

Day's Inn lobby
Lobby view at Day's Inn, taken from my room window.

I got a new chain for my bike, it seems to be OK. I'll find out tomorrow.

I was picked up at 5:30 and taken out to dinner by the Northeast MO Memory Walk Committee, with Julie Madden, Dr. Don Noll, his wife Becky, and one of their six children, Havilah, Melanie Sewell, Dolly Frkovich, Thelma Spainhower, Pam Whitenburg, Betsy Loveall, and Joetta Coen. Dr. Noll works at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the founding school of osteopathic medicine. I spoke to the group about my effort and vision. I wore my Alzheimer's shirt, they loved it, it was a delightful evening. Such friendly, caring people. I feel renewed and inspired.

Memory Walk Comm. crew & family Close up of welcome sign
Greeting at Day's Inn Kirksville Moby some of the Memory Walk Committee, and their family.

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