Day 10, 42 miles, Thursday June 4, 2009

Roanoke to Natural Bridge
(my odometer: 42.6 miles, 13.7 avg. mph, 3hr 5 min 28 sec)
Max speed: 34.1 mph

Up at 5:50; 6:00 continental breakfast at hotel: scrambled eggs, waffle, sausage patty, 2 muffins, raisin bran, orange juice; 7:30 load luggage; 7:35 on the road. Today's forecast was for scattered morning showers, some clearing by noon and heavier rain by mid afternoon. I had a chat with Vivian and she decided to take a nap in my suitcase for the day.

Our route today mostly retraced the route we took to get to Roanoke two days ago. It was a short 42 miles and the threatening rainy weather didn't materialize until we were about 3 miles from Natural Bridge, and it was just a shower. Paul and I arrived at about 11:15, checked in, cleaned up, went to lunch and then did a tour of "the" Natural Bridge and an accompanying nature trail. It was quite a sight to see. See pics below to read information and history about this natural wonder.

Tomorrow's forecast is for rain, sometimes heavy, all day. We have a 60 or a 65 mile ride to Waynesboro. The distance will be determined tomorrow morning.

As promised earlier, I have posted complete autobiographies of all the riders out here with me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed collecting them!

Click here for 2009 Rider Autobiographies.

Scenic view

Scenic view

Scenic view

Paul and Gene

Paul Kossa

SAG-Bill, Jeff, Barbara, Jenny, Mary Jo, Sondra, Gene, Paul, Chuck

Bikes need rest, too!

David, Jim, Evelyn, Mary Jo

This is a friendly tiger...

OOPS! I guess he's not so friendly!!

HOORAY! I tamed a tiger!

Unloading baggage

Natural Bridge scenic view

"The" Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge scenic view

Rotating garden for Indian Village

Indian Village

Info: Saltpetre Cave

Saltpeter Cave

Me at "the" Natural Bridge

Info: Natural Bridge

"GW" - George Washington

Scenic view

Natural Bridge Hotel

Our group

Staff - Jim, Barbara, Mike, Karen

Herb, Jerri, Jenny

King Kong

Elevation graph

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