Blue Ridge Parkway/ Shenandoah Valley Tour 2009

(Cyclist's brief autobiographies)

Boston Bob from Arlington, Massachusetts - Waiter since 1980. It gives me time to ride the bike, my one true passion..

Gene Teaney from Charlestown , WV. - retired Chemical Engineer. Has been doing long distance bike rides since 2001. I have since ridden in 49 states, the District of Columbia and 3 provinces of Canada. I am currently 2,000 miles short of 100,000 in my cycling career.

Herb Schon from Santa Fe, NM, by way of New York City. I spent 45 years in the media: magazines, advertising, photography and TV Commercial production, followed by a serendipitous journey into a wholesale bakery producing a pastry - rugelach. The recipe for this "little twist" has been passed down from my grandmother. After a lifetime in NY, I sold the bakery and moved to Santa Fe, where getting to hiking, skiing and cycling were just outside my front door. I turned to cycling after too many injuries and average around 8,000 miles per year. I celebrated my 75th birthday with ABB cross country trip and my 78th birthday gift to myself is the current 12 day Shenandoah ride.

Paul Hargrave is 71 years old, married to his wife Doris for 43 years, and father to an adult daughter (Elizabeth) and son (David). Born and raised in upstate New York he received his B.A. in chemistry from Colgate University and his M.S. (University of Illinois) and Ph.D. (University of Minnesota) in biochemistry. He also spent 3 1/2 years in and Kenya teaching chemistry to high school/junior college students. Following post-doctoral work at Cal Tech he was on the biochemistry faculty at Southern Illinois University (11 years) and the University of Florida (22 years). Now retired, he volunteers at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, Florida, and is Program Director of the Florida Free Speech Forum. He has run 89 marathons, including one in each of the 50 states. He has completed Ride the Mississippi with ABB.

Jerri Cohen from Chicago - a semi-retired accountant. Work interfered with biking so I only work in the winter and bike in the Spring, Summer and Fall. My yearly goal is to put more miles on my bike than on my car.

Jenny Moshak from Knoxville, TN. I am the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at the University of Tennessee. I oversee the departments of Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Team ENHANCE (our emotional and mental health program). I'm a certified Athletic Trainer and certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. I directly take care of the Lady Vols Basketball Team's medical care. I'm in my 21st year at University of Tennessee. I enjoy water skiing, hiking, weight lifting and "love to cycle."

Sondra Lazer from St.Paul MN. I'm married to Jeff and the mother of 3 children: Andrea 19, Alex 16 and Spencer 15. I have 2 jobs - full time trainer/teacher and part time training triathletes, and I've done 4 ABB rides. I met Jeff while biking and we got married on the ABB North Ride in 2007.

Jeff Lazer from St.Paul MN. I'm married to Sondra and have one son, Grant 27. I'm self-employed as a general contractor. I've done 7 ABB rides. I am a ABB staff member - ride leader on Ride The Mississippi in 2008, and support on Ride the North rides.

Tom Rudbeck from Davenport, Iowa. I.m married to Jani and we have 2 children. I enjoy skiing, racketball and cycling. I work in the Real Estate business.

William George Manning 11 Jan 1943. I'm married to Jean. We have 3 kids: Wendy 43, Nolan 41, Justine 36 and 7 grand kids. I'm a retired firefighter and electrical contractor. I like to bike, run, cross country ski and I'm looking for my youth. I'm a Marine Veteran. Semper Fi.

Dick Harter I have practiced law with one firm in Boston for 47 years, now serving "of counsel". I serve as officer or director of many nonprofit organizations, many of which are related to the United Church of Christ. I served for a short time as interim President of Chicago Theological Seminary. My wife and I created and manage a small private foundation.

Paul Kossa I'm 41, single and have been a letter carrier in Johnstown, PA for 9 years. I transferred from Clifton, NJ, where I delivered since 1994. I graduated from Jersey City State College in 1990. I ride about 6,000 miles a year, and try to do a week long tour once a year. This is my first ABB tour. I also do amusement park "tours". I've been on over 400 rollercoasters . . . . so far.

Jerry "Doughnut" Phelps from Maryland. I work for the Navy but I love to ride my bike. This is my second ABB ride. Last year I was John's roommate. I chose this ride to build from just doing 8 days last year to doing 12 days this year. I plan to do "Ride the West" next year.

Mary Jo Peairs I'm a retired schoolteacher (31 years) and I love to cycle and garden.

David Rainey My wife Karen and I have been married for 18 years and she watches over our 3 girls Catherine Anne, Emily Elizabeth, and Heather Grace so I can do this ride. My wife and girls are my pride and joy. To train for this ride I lost 74 pounds since Jan 1, 2009, dropping my BMI from 35+ to 24.8 and about 10 inches off my waist. I also am an ob/gyn physician in Beckley, WV. Delivering babies to sick ladies is a wonderful experience. Other than cycling, I like to fish, hike and operate my wife and my 164 acre farm in Pipestan WV. Most of my cycling is spent on my mountain bike in the hills of WV near or in the New River Gorge. If anyone wants to check out WV's mountain bike single track trails, give me a call. I also ride and support the WV Multiple Sclerosis Society's MS-150 (another 2 day ride through these mountains anyone could do).

Joseph Hoffman - single and no children. I have been riding since 1982 when I rode in Vermont . I rode across the US, finishing in 1995. Several national Parks were visited by bike, as well as several rides in Arizona. I rode about 15 Bike Virginia tours and 4 ABB tours. For the past 46 years, I have worked for the (DOD and the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs). I am a hospital Engineer and work at the Boston VA medical center. By training, I am an electrical Engineer with a Ph.D. degree. Most of my activities other than cycling and work involve church activities, Ham Radio, photography and woodworking. Although I have been out of college for more than half a century, I am still employed and probably won't retire for a year or so.

Chuck Bernstein - I was a school teacher in Baltimore, MD and went to University of MD Law School at night, graduating in 1968. I practiced law in Baltimore City for about 40 years specializing in Federal Criminal Defense. This is my 2nd ABB trip. I am not a good rider but am inspired by so many good riders who I hope to emulate when I'm back home.

Chuck Campbell from Black Mountain, NC. I'm a retired business owner, but still own some storage units in Black Mountain. I was born in MD, and moved NC in 1977. I started bike riding in 1985, raced for 15 years and did the ABB north ride in 2008. Other interests are golf, sailing, grand kids and traveling. I have 4 children: 3 boys and a girl. All the boys are married and my daughter just graduated from college. I love riding with groups and it is fun meeting new people with all different interests and life stories. It's been fun getting to know all of you.

Karen Bauer from Eugene, OR. I have worked for ABB since 2001, after riding the fast (LA to Boston). The alumni ride is my 30th tour that I have staffed. Also, I rode across the country in 1987and 1995. I'm involved with the US Paralympic Cycling from 1992 - 2000. In my other life previous to ABB, I taught physical education and coached at the middle school and college level, coaching Field Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse. I love meeting new people, seeing our country and riding my bike. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and get to know you and supporting your goals.

Barbara Monk from Prattville, AL. I enjoy reading, sewing, handwork, gardening and spending time with our girls and grandchildren. I've given thousands of hours to volunteer organizations. I worked for 7 years with a financial group that works with military personnel to help them reach their financial goals. I cook because we have to eat, not because I really enjoy cooking. I love the traveling that our current jobs require. I enjoy watching the riders on each ride become more confident and create new friendships. I am glad that I get to be instrumental in helping so many people reach life's dream.

Ken Mercurio from Simi Valley, CA and soon will be moving to Charlottesville, VA. I am retired from Nestle USA, where I was a nutrition/labeling/regulatory guy for 31 years. I've been riding since 1979. I rode ABB Fast America Ride in 2007. Six months later I was on a training ride, I wasn't doing anything dangerous but the fork on my bike broke and I crashed. I had an operation and 5 of the 7 cervical vertebrae in my neck and upper spine are now fused. I have a son and daughter and have lived my entire life in the LA area.

Jim Benson from Lincoln, Vermont. I have worked in the bicycle and ski industry for 30 years. I have a BS in Recreation Resource Management from the Slippery Rock University in PA. I have ridden in 47 states so far, plus New Zealand, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and will be visiting Ireland this summer. This is my 5th season with ABB and I have done all the routes but West, which I will be doing in September. Winters I work for Middlebury College at the Rikert Ski Touring Center where I am the trail groomer, preparing trails for training and races, such as NCAA Division 1 Eastern Championships and National Championships.

Mike Monk America By Bicycle Ride Leader.

Evelyn Pisegna-Cook

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