Day 0, Saturday, August 16, 2008
Check in and Orientation

Today started for me with my usual last minute preparation packing. Up at 5:40 AM, breakfast, take Foxy (my dog) out and packing up in an orderly manner all the piles of stuff around the house in my suitcase and duffle bag. It was a bit frantic at times but Donna, as usual, was there to assist me. My good friend Bob Dixon, arrived at 8 AM to drive me up to Portsmouth, NH where this year's ride starts. Bob's "Expedition" had more than enough room for my bike, suit case, duffle bag, laptop computer and of course my camera. We left Ledyard at 8:30 and arrived at America's Best Inn at 11:00 AM. The ride up there was smooth, not much traffic and no rain J. Thank you Bob!

Bob headed back home and I checked in with ABB staff -- Shane O'Leary (ride leader), Debbie Tarvin (asst. ride leader) and Mike Roon (mechanic). My roommate is Jerry (Donut) Phelps from Lexington Park, MD, a civilian Electronics Engineer working for the Navy. Jerry rode part of this East ride in 2006. Jerry's nickname is 'Donut' because he says that he likes to eat donuts. He has already told us that he plans to stop at every donut shop we see on this ride.

There are 15 riders on this ride, 12 men (5 of us are named John) and 3 women. Two of the riders are from a foreign country, one from Belgium and the other from England. I will share more about them in a future journal. Most of the riders are alumni as they have ridden with ABB on a previous ride in the past.

Patty Tuma and I had a nice dinner at a '99' Restaurant and Pub in downtown Portsmouth. I tried to find 'Flo's Hot Dog Stand' for lunch, that my friend Mike Fritz told me about, but the closest one we could find was in Kittery, but no phone or directions. Tomorrow is the first day of cycling, an 88 mile ride to Worcester, MA. The cue sheet has 97 cue turns, which indicates a lot of congestion. Shutting down now, 10 PM.

Patty Tuma and me - lunch

Staff: Jim, Mike and Debbie

Socializing at Route Rap

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