Day 21, September 30, 2007

Oxnard, CA to Venice Beach, CA
51.8 miles, 14.3 mph, 3h 35m 51s (max speed 33.1 mph)

Up at 6:00, 7:00 continental breakfast at hotel - scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries, raisin bran, Danish and orange juice, 8:00 load luggage, 8:10 on the road. The weather this morning was a bit cool but excellent for cycling. It wasn't very scenic until we were about 8 miles out. At that time we began our ride down the beautiful California coastline. We rode through Malibu, Santa Monica and finally Venice Beach.

The SAG today (the last SAG of the whole ride) was at Zuma Beach. We began to sense that the ride was almost over. Only one more day to ride and then we would all part and go home, maybe to never cross paths again. However, some of us will meet up again on a future ride.

I continued to try to capture the essence of the diversity of southern California. We came upon Arlington West, an Iraq War Memorial. Its purpose is to remind people of the war and its toll of soldiers' lives. It is set up every Sunday and the crosses have the names of soldiers that have been killed. (see pics) As we continued to ride, each town we passed through was a little different. Our route called for us to ride on a bike path that was built through the middle of the beach. Signs were posted along the path that stated that the path was for bikes only. But there were roller bladers, walkers, runners, children and dogs that were everywhere going both ways. We had to be so careful. This scene was like none I'd ever witnessed. Try to visualize this - Pacific Ocean, beach, bike path, walking path, beach, a line of various businesses selling stuff, a street (no cars) that everyone used to walk, run, and cycle on. Then came the cafes and apartments. It was very crowded. Tom and I met up with Ann, Bill and wife Jean and we stopped at a Café in Venice Beach for lunch. Shortly after that, we continued on to our hotel. We were staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

I worked on my journal, went to route RAP, dinner and the end of ride banquet. We all had a chance to tell what the ride meant to us. We all enjoyed sharing our thoughts. I was given the "Ride the West" route map. It is an honor to get this recognition. Every day it is attached to the ABB bulletin board that is placed in the lobby of the hotel we are staying in. I received it because of my loyalty to ABB, having done a ride for the last 9 consecutive years.

Tomorrow is a 50 mile ride to Newport Beach and that will be our last riding day.

Missile Park

RV summer beach home

House facing the ocean

Beach cleaning machine

SAG at Malibu Beach

John Hicks, me, Tore Nardal, Jean Manning

Me and Vivian at Malibu Beach

Me and Vivian classic pose

Home overlooks Pacific Ocean

Malibu Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Waterfront homes

Santa Monica

Iraq War Memorial

Iraq War Memorial

"Street" Blues Band

Sky writer

We had lunch here

Lunch was an experience

Beach/waterfront café's

Holiday Inn Express

Today's route sheet

Writing my journal

Ride the West map signing

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