Day 28, Saturday, July 02, 2005

Abilene, KS to Topeka, KS

(2,780 feet of climbing)
108.5 miles, 13.9mph, 7hr 45min 36sec
Max speed 37.3 mph

Up at 5:15, 6:00 breakfast at Mexican Restaurant next to motel: fried eggs, scrambled eggs (plain and hot), French toast, pancakes, sausage links, sausage patties, hash browns, breakfast burrito, bacon, biscuits and gravy, ham and coffee, 6:30 load luggage, 7:30 on the road.

Weather forecast today mentioned possible storms for late PM, but they didn't occur. It was a nice cycling day with a lot of 'rollers'. This is a cycling term that means many consecutive hills to climb, sometimes long and sometimes short. The temperature climbed to 92F by mid afternoon, it is typically hotter out on the road because the road is also giving off heat. I took the opportunity today to take pics today of wild life, flowers and interesting structure.

The buffalo herd was an unexpected pleasure to see. Note that they are shedding their winter coats. I also didn't expect to see rolling green hills in Kansas, but they are there.

Nine of us had a very nice lunch and visit at S&L Lakeside Store. Linda Fry (owner} and Betty Kraus were very friendly and interested in our 'ride'. It was a fun stop and we had a good time and good food.

I spent almost 8 hours in the saddle today, but it was a nice cycling day filled with interesting sights and experiences. I arrived at the Holiday Inn West in Topeka at 5PM, checked in, chatted with some folks in the lobby, had route rap at 5:45, dinner at Motel dining room and then wrote and sent today's journal and pics to Ed.

Tomorrow is my last day of cycling on this ride. It is an 89 mile ride to St. Joseph, MO. I've already done the ride from St. Joseph to Erie, PA in 2000 and from Erie to Portsmouth, NH in 1999. I'll write more on this tomorrow July 3 and on Monday July 4.

Christine got a flat tire!

Is my mail in there?

Jay Butler

Jay and George


What is that cow looking at?

Town of White City

Town of White City

SAG 1 in White City

Just 'chillin'

I miss my vegetable garden!

Interesting house

buffalo herd

buffalo herd

buffalo herd

buffalo herd

I think that buffalo likes me

ABB Van getting a 'fill up', but what is in that black tank?

rolling Kansas countryside

rolling Kansas countryside

?, but it is pretty!

?, but it is pretty!

Tina's not praying, she is resting!

rolling Kansas countryside

lunch at S & L store

me and Linda Fry, owner of S & L store

George, Betty Kraus, Linda Fry, me

rolling Kansas countryside

Town of Eskridge


'wild' horses? Probably not!

Vivian and Kansas wheat

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