Day 27, Friday, July 01, 2005

McPherson, KS to Abilene, KS

(660 feet climbing)

63.4 miles, 14.9mph, 4hr 15min 15sec

Max speed 25.3 mph

Up at 5:00, 5:45 load luggage, 6:30 breakfast at Perkins Restaurant: scrambled eggs, pancakes, juice and coffee, 6:30 on the road.

Weather forecast was for ESE winds, 10 -15 mph. Our first 5 miles was due East, but it was quite calm. Then we turned North for the remainder of the ride (55 miles) to Abilene. The wind never was a factor in today's ride. It was a very scenic and pleasant country ride. It was so nice to get off interstates and major routes that carry so much traffic - 18 wheelers going 80 mph sometimes passing us 3 feet to our left, pickup trucks, buses, loud motorcycles, and so on...

I captured a beautiful sunrise this morning, it looks like the sky is on fire. Tina and I decided to ride the local 'baby buffalo' in the town of Roxbury. A little further down the road in Gypsum was the official half way point between San Francisco, CA and Portsmouth, NH. There was a sign in the street and as you can see, several pics were taken with my camera and most other cyclists did the same thing. This was a happy, sharing and fun time. (On June 29, we passed the halfway point between San Francisco and New York City.)

I arrived in Abilene at noontime and had lunch with Bill at a Subway across the street from our motel, Best Western Inn. Then I checked in and rode my bike 1 mile to downtown Abilene to get a haircut. I then went to the Eisenhower Center. Ike was born and lived here. There is a visitor information center, library, gift shop, museum, his house and a large bronze statue of him. I viewed a 25 minute film of his life. It was very informative and was very well done.

I got back to motel at 4:30, just in time for a shower and then go to route rap at 5:15. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant next to the motel. Now it is time to write and send today's journal to Ed. There is a wireless connection here but only in the lobby, so I'll write here in my room and go to lobby to send it. This is the 4th motel with a wireless connection. WOW! It is very fast!

Tomorrow is a 108 mile ride to Topeka, KS and 2,780 feet of climbing.

McPherson sunrise

Mel, making friends with 'bikers'

riding a buffalo

riding a buffalo

downtown Gypsum

halfway point between San Francisco and Portsmouth, NH

halfway point between San Francisco and Portsmouth, NH

halfway point between San Francisco and Portsmouth, NH

halfway point between San Francisco and Portsmouth, NH

SAG at Gypsum

neat sign


Kathryn, Tina

Bill riding to ??


Dwight D. Eisenhower (statue, not the actual man.)

Ike's house

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