Day 9, July 1, REST DAY, Boise ID

Up at 6 AM, saw Chris off on the shuttle to airport, he completed the America North first section, will continue connecting next year. It was great seeing him again, having him as a roommate and cycling buddy. I went back to bed and got up at 9 AM, had buffet breakfast here at hotel - scrambled eggs, french toast, sausage, juice and fruit.

I completed yesterday's journal and sent it to Ed and made arrangements for a "tubing trip" on the Boise River. Had a late breakfast so didn't have any lunch. We got picked up at 1 PM and went to Barret Park only to find out that the rental facility was CLOSED on Mon. and Tues. What a disappointment! So - it cost us $25 to ride around in a circle!! Came back to hotel and joined several other cyclists ( see pics - coming in a few days ), just kinda hung out and relaxed on the patio, soaked in the jacuzzi and swam in the pool.

At 6:30 about 20 of us went out together for dinner to a place called Ram Sports Bar and Restauraunt. It was recommended, but many of us were disappointed as it took one and a half hours to get served. Didn't get back to room till 9:30, too late to call Donna.

I'm doing today's journal till 10:30 and then to bed. Tomorrow is a short mileage day - only 51 miles to Mountain Home.