entering WisconsinI met these friends in 2001 and they are still here!

Day 4, July 26,
Rochester MN to LaCrosse WI, 86 miles, 14 mph, 6h 6min 43s.

Up at 5:00, 5:00 load luggage, 6:30 breakfast, cold cereal, scrambled eggs, pancakes, juice, coffee. on the road at 7:15.

delay on road waiting for state policeToday is absolutely beautiful, but at about 6 miles out we had a problem. ABB needs to get a permit to travel limited access highways and last year Rt 52 was not but the DOT changed it sometime in the past year. So ABB could not let us ride on it ... HMM!! The problem was solved, we waited for almost one hour until a state police officer came to give us an escort for 2 miles. ABB could have been fined if we didn't do it this way.


Healthy soybean field


The countryside in southeast MN is incredible, very well kept farms growing corn and soybeans, the beauty is difficult for me to describe, rich colors of green and brown, the farms look like something out of Home Beautiful Magazine. We rode a curvy road through a Who is that?  This is becoming a habit!beautiful valley between the towns of Rushford and Houston.




ABB cyclists on top of a high bluff

We had a very challenging 1 mile climb with a 10% grade in order to get to a high bluff that that overlooks LaCrosse WI. This was the most difficult climb I've ever had and I kind of thought about walking up, but I didn't, so I still have never walked up a hill. The farms up here continue to be superbly kept. At the end of the bluff there was a 2 mile downhill descent to LaCrosse.

entering WisconsinJust before the descent I came to a TV broadcast station and two reporters were interviewing "Dave" another cyclist who is raising money for college scholarship in memory of his cousin who died in 9/11. The scholarship will be given to a student attending the high school that his cousin attended. I stopped and when they finished Dave's interview they did one of me and my Alzheimer's effort. It is supposed to be on the air tomorrow, July 27. They will send me a copy of what goes on the air ( it cost me $20, oh well). Shortly after arriving at the Excell Inn, I had a cell phone interview with a reporter Brad Williams of WIZM radio. I hope these two interviews actually do get on the air for local Alzheimer awareness. Over all, it was a beautiful cycling day.


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 Maybe this is the little House On The Prarie

 North Prarie Lutheran

 A herd of baby goats

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