Day 3, July 25,
Mankato MN to Rochester MN, 104 mi, 14.4 mph, 7h 15m 45sIs this the "Little House on the Prairie"?

Up at 5:00, pack, 5:45 load luggage, 6:00 breakfast at Holiday Inn, french toast, scrambled eggs, fruit, juice, coffee, on the road 6:30. IRainsoaked John at SAG 1t is raining, got soaked in 30 sec, most riders have rain gear. Day began with a 9% grade hill climb. Only traveling at 12 mph, poor visibility, lots of cars riding by splashing us, raining harder. I have my yellow rain slicker with hood on and helmet on top. It rained for 40 miles, often with thunder and lightening around us, and some small hail . I doubled wrapped my camera in plastic bags and put a bag over my rack bag, many puddles on road, construction trucks, mud, horizontal rain in my face, rain dripping off the front of my slicker hood, this is an Maybe this is the "Little House on the Prairie"?absolutely horrible cycling environment. However, we must move on!

Only 4 pictures today. Two 11 year old boys were hanging out at SAG 1with their bikes. I spent some time talking to them about my bike, cycling clothes, the ABB ride and my Alzheimer's ride. Later at the hotel another ABB cyclist gave me a wrapped pack of gum with a note attached to it that they had written. They wanted me to have it so "John" could chew it while on my ride (neat kids, going into 7th grade). It cleared up around 40 miles and it got progressively better. Partly sunny last 20 miles. Arrived at 2:30, cleaned my bike immediately, got a FAX from wife Donna and a card from dog Foxy Lady


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