The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Erie, PA

Woke up at 6:15, went back to sleep, got up at 7:00. Showered, had breakfast here at the hotel. Mushroom omelette, home fries, toast, juice, coffee. This should tide me over till I grab something at the airport. I'm definitely going to have to start eating less now that I'm not cycling 90-100 miles everyday.

I met John, our tour director, at 8:00 to help me make arrangements to ship my bike home. Called UPS, $25.65 including cost for $2,000 insurance, 2 day ground. UPS will pick up my bike tomorrow and deliver it to my home Thursday.

Sent e mail to my kids, Kris and Jon, sent some pictures to a fellow cyclist. Now 10:15, packing up. Took the hotel shuttle to the airport at 11:30. Had time to go visit Dave Fried at his Alzheimer office 1 block down the road. When I came back to the hotel, the Norwich Navigators baseball team bus was parked out in front. What a coincidence, they are the New York Yankees AA team from Norwich, CT! Right next to the town of Ledyard, where I live! I had an interesting conversation with the bus driver, he was from East Lyme, CT.

Navigators bus
Norwich Navigator's Baseball team bus, unfortunately they lost that night to the Erie Sea Wolves 12-3.

Took a taxi to the airport, checked in, and my flight was on time. Sitting waiting to board the plane all I could think of was holding my wife in my arms. Boarded at 1:15, this was a very small plane, 18 seats, aisle down the middle, one seat on each side, no flight attendant. Very smooth flight, 25 min. to Cleveland OH.

High above the clouds
Beautiful view above the clouds

How did this man get way up here?
Cockpit of the plane I took from Erie to Cleveland

Plane home
Plane I took from Erie to Cleveland

Had a short wait, then boarded a 737. Only 33 of 135 seats occupied. Busy airport, 10 planes lined up to take off, mostly Continental. Take off at 3 PM, but we are in these steep banking turns to the right, flying over kinda in circles. Why is this??? Captain just made an announcement that he had received a caution light for the outside baggage compartment door and we therefore were returning to the airport. As we landed, 2 fire trucks and a paramedic truck were following us down the runway. Once we stopped, I'm at the rear of the plane and the mechanics are right beside me checking things out inside and others are working outside.

I'm nervous enough about flying already, I didn't need this.

The Captain soon made an announcement that everything was OK, and we took off again at 3:45. Very smooth flight, I asked a stewardess and she told me that she thought that the door wasn't closed firmly enough the first time.

737 from Cleveland to Hartford
737 I took from Cleveland to Hartford

High above the clouds again
Such interesting cloud formations, looks like you could step out and bounce around on them

We landed at 4:45, Ed's wife Julia met me and drove me back to their house in Stafford Springs CT, Donna was there waiting to get me...

J J J We drove home to Ledyard! J J J

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