The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Somewhere in Indiana

Sunday, July 9. Rode 83 miles, Ride Day 6.

Wake up call 5:30, load truck 6:00. Beautiful weather again today, slightly overcast. Again using plenty of sunscreen. Chose not to go to Bob Evans for breakfast, but went to the continental breakfast here at the Holiday Inn.

What is this??
What's this? Answer tomorrow!

Riding with roommate Chris, we left at 7:00. Made a wrong turn early so our route sheet was off by about 4 miles all day. Got back on the route and had a very casual pleasant ride to the first SAG, at the 28 mile mark.

First SAG stop
First SAG today in Oakland Ill. That's me with the American flag shirt, I'm eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

After a peanut butter sandwich, some fruit, a snack, and some more water, I decided to ride with "team testosterone," also known as "hot feet", a very fast group of 6 riders that always do a pacing chain.

It was about 28 more miles to the second SAG. I stayed pretty much in the rear, the lead rider had a boom box attached to his rear bike rack that was playing rock music very loud. Interesting idea. I was able to stay with them for the 28 miles, doing an average of 23 mph. It was tough at times but fun, really cool! Rode 82.8 miles total today, 17 mph avg., 4h 53m 12s.

Me at the Indiana state line
Me at the Indiana state line.

Arrived at the Holiday Inn at 1 PM, took a shower, swam in the pool and hung out. It was nice just to relax; I haven't done very much of that. I cleaned and lubed the bike, and did a wash. Clothes are drying out on the fence around the pool and as of 11:00 they are not dry yet. Nice buffet dinner here, then route rap, and a variety show which was really neat. Lots of talent, fun and laughs. Roommate Chris did a nice job with his singing. Looks like I will be in bed early tonight, maybe by 11:30...

Team Testosterone
This is a picture of "Team Testosterone" at the second SAG. L to R, Dawn Weisenenthal, staff and a legal secretary; Matthew Marcinek, just graduated from Georgia Tech. with a degree in computer Engineering; Kristin Poucher, marketing at Cadence Design Corp., a high-tech Silicon Valley company; Bruce Hilt, finance executive; me; Anna Smith, a senior in HS; and John Cianciolo, a sales exec. for the same Silicon Valley company Kristin works for.

Sorehead?  Me?
I think this speaks for itself...

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