Day 12, 63 miles, Saturday June 6, 2009

Waynesboro to Charlottesville
(my odometer: 39.1 miles, 13.4 avg. mph, 2 hr 48 min, 58sec)
Max speed: 33.9 mph

The last day of riding

Up at 5:30; 6:00 continental breakfast at hotel; scrambled eggs, sausage patties, Danish, waffle, raisin bran and orange juice; 7:30 load luggage; 7:45 on the road. There was a lot of concern this morning about whether or not the cloud cover on the Blue Ridge would burn off by the time we got up there. If it didn't, we wouldn't be able to see anything and it would be quite dangerous also to cycle in a fog bank. Mike gave us two options: do it or not. 8 went up (63 miles) and 13 did a shortened ride (40 miles) that didn't include the Parkway. The clouds did burn off, so those that went up did have a nice ride with some beautiful views. Paul and I were among those that didn't go up. So our ride was up, over, down and through the country. Both options were enjoyed by all cyclists.

Today was a nostalgic day. We came from all over the country and shared 12 days of cycling together.

We have a huge variety of different jobs and occupations but came together for a common effort!


There have been lots of ups and downs on this tour and we have managed to ride them with no serious falls or injuries. The scenic views in the Shenandoah Valley were great. I tried to capture as many as I could along the way. We didn't get the opportunity to ride the Blue Ridge as much as we thought we would but "all in all" it has been an enjoyable experience with good friends. I'm not aware of anybody being cross or upset with anybody else. We just clicked as a group and enjoyed each others company in all respects. I'm sure I speak for all the cyclists when I say "thank you!" to the ABB staff: Mike, Barbara, Karen and Jim for all you did to make this cycling experience as successful as possible.

I'm staying with my brother in law Tim in Winchester tonight and I'll be driving back to CT tomorrow. As I complete this last journal, I want to say a special thank you to two cyclists - to Paul Hargrave for being such a great roommate, calm, flowing, well organized, great stories from his trips all over the world, and to Jenny Moshak for giving me three holistic medical treatment sessions that has taken away the constant pain I was having in my right shoulder.

Keep this thought in mind whenever you cycle - "All roads are pretty flat - except for the hills! I hope all of you that have followed our journey on this website have enjoyed what written and the photos that taken.

Loading luggage

Loading luggage

SAG - me, Joe, Tom, Dick, Jeff, David, Sondra, Paul

Downhill ahead!

Dick, Joe, Paul - navigating a hairpin turn

Scenic view

Dick, Jeff, Sondra

Open for your interpretation

Scenic view

Chuck Campbell

Jerry "Donut" Phelps

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