Day 25, Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dodge City, KS to Great bend, KS

(250 feet of climbing)
85 miles, 19.7mph, 4hr 18min 18sec
Max speed 28.9mph

Up at 5:15, 6:15 load luggage, 6:30 continental breakfast at Travelodge motel, 7:00 on the road.

Today we had beautiful cycling weather, coolish in the early morning, clear and just a little tailwind. As the day progressed the wind became a lot stronger - 20 to 25 mph. My average speed for the day was 19.7 mph over 85 miles.

Our SAG 1 in Kinsley was the half way point in our trek across the country. Now it's all downhill to New Hampshire! Everyone was riding faster today due to the strong tailwind. Photo opps were hard to find, so my picture count was low. Early on in the ride the mountains and canyons provided many opportunities. I tended to miss historical markers. Now I'm more apt to notice them and they do provide an interesting look and reminder of past events everywhere in our country. We often get together spontaneously in small groups to view photos, photo albums and websites. I was 'online wireless' and Christine was trying to find a place in the lobby where she could connect. She walked around looking for hours - just kidding.

I did my laundry and sent three days of pics to Ed. Then it was time for route rap and then dinner at Montana Mikes. I had a salad, steak, sweet roll and a Pepsi. Then back to room and a chat with Jay. I finished the night in the lobby sending today's journal and pics to Ed.

longhorn cattle

Dalton Gang and their cattle saying 'goodbye'

'old' grain elevator - not in use now

Back: Tina, Jay, Dan, Doug, Steve, Mel, Jack
Front: John, Kathryn, Neil, SandiBeach, Georgia, Christine, Steve

I hitched a ride!

historical marker

historical marker

checking Tina's photo album

Christine trying to find a strong wireless connection in lobby

dinner at Montana Mikes

George checking ABB board for tomorrows load and breakfast time

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