Day 2, Monday, June 6, 2005

Fairfield, CA to Sacramento, CA 59.7 miles, 14.1 mph, 4hr 12min 28sec

Up at 5:45, 6:30 breakfast, 7:30 load luggage, 8:00 on the road.

Weather cool this morning but it was calm, sunny and a very nice cycling day. It warmed up and remained calm. There was no climbing today. As I began the day's ride I found myself becoming a bit tired, so eight miles out I took a nap on top of a bale of hay. Vivian was tired also.

After my nap I felt much better so when the opportunity presented itself, I joined a pacing line. We were moving at 22-23 mph and it was fun, but not for a whole day. I don't usually do this, because it requires you to be very alert and focused on the road constantly. I like to look around and stop to take pictures.

We passed many fields of tomatoes, some rice and other crops - I wasn't sure of what they were. My photos show the 'irrigation system' that is used.

Our route took us through the University of California at Davis. There were 100's of student bikes everywhere. Finals are next week.

When we got to Sacramento, we passed through 'old' Sacramento. It was a very unique town with cobblestone streets, lots of old shops, horse driven carriages, multiple person kid bikes ... a very interesting, fun place. We stopped for ice cream and hung out for a while, before heading for our hotel.

At mechanic's time, Jim made some small adjustments to my bike and several other bikes. ABB does a wonderful job of planning and organizing rides and their cyclist support system is excellent.

We had dinner at Hungry Hunters BBQ. We had a buffet of blackened chicken, baby back ribs, beans and potato salad. After dinner I worked on journals. Kathryn Reid helped me navigate the hotel's wireless internet connection system so I could send journals and pics to Ed. She was also writing her own journal at the same time.

Interesting cactus

- not sure.... -

my bike is resting

Nap time for John

Interesting irrigation




Having fun

My new bike?

Melvin, Georgia, me, Bill, Kevin, Paul

UC Davis

UC Davis, that's Georgia

Pacing line

Ice cream break in Old Sacramento

Multiple rider kid bike

Mechanic Jim Bensen repairing Kathryn's bike

Kathryn writing her journal

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