Day 30 - July 4, 2005


Up at 5:30, 6:30, Jay got up and we had the Drury Inn continental breakfast together, it was nice to share this time together: scrambled eggs, sausage, donut (Bavarian cream - my favorite), juice and coffee.

Many other cyclists were up and about also. It rained last night and there was a drizzle this morning. Even though, fellow cyclists were planning things to do on this day off from cycling. I was the only cyclist that was leaving today and there were no new cyclists that were joining the ride.

I had made plans with Brooks Reid to leave at 8:45 a.m. for the airport. Everything went according to schedule. It was a 45-minute ride. What a nice guy he was - to take me to the airport - such a nice family. The departure was on time, 11:45 a.m. I'm flying on an ERJ Continental Express jet at 36,000 ft. I had a muffin and coke. The plane has 50 seats, a bumpy ride, piercing announcement system, and I'm freezing cold; very unpleasant ride. We landed at 2:36 p.m. Temperature here is 90 F, gusty 30 mph wind.

I barely had time to get my connecting plane to continue on to Providence, RI. Boarded at 3:05, take off at 3:30, smooth flight, landed at 4:56.

Because I had been away for both Father's Day and my birthday, my wife Donna treated me to a ride home in a limousine (actually a Lincoln town car). Donna had prepared some hors d'oeuvres and had wine waiting in the car, so we could really relax, talk and enjoy the smooth ride home, despite Fourth of July traffic southbound on I-95. Thanks to John Hendrickson (Mystic Limousine), our chauffeur, the whole experience was very pleasant!

Since I arrived home there have been many details to tend to around the house, yard and garden. In June our area of CT received only 1.56" of rain, while normal is 3.9". More than half the month's rainfall came on June 29, so Donna was very busy watering flowers and vegetables. Things looked great, however, the garden is usually "my" thing. (See pic.)

I do miss my fellow cyclists, and wish them all the best as they head on to Portsmouth, NH and the Atlantic Ocean. I hope to reunite with them there for the 'wheel dip' and lobster dinner.

It has always intrigued and amazed me when I think of the wide range of jobs and occupations that all the cyclists on this ride come from. I thought that it would be interesting for those who are following our ride and have been reading these daily journals, so the following is a rider summary.

Kevin from Mableton, GA - Software Engineer, designs and implements custom software applications.

Mel from Glen Cove, NY - retired, formally ran Aluminum Die Brazing Co, after being a chief mechanical engineer at a microwave company.

Helen from LaHambra, CA - Director of Medical Records at St. Francis Medical Center. Directs, organizes, manages staff of medical records in a hospital. Implementing electronic medical record in the facility.

SandiBeach from Toronto, Canada - Nurse at Sunnybrook & Women's Health Science Centre, Toronto, ON. Presently nursing on veteran unit at the University Hospital, Veterans Residence.

Neil from King of Prussia, PA - Solid Works Instructor, teaches mechanical engineers and mechanical designers to create virtual 3D models of mechanical products.

Bill from Byron Center, MI - Product Development Engineering. Aerospace research and development, navigation systems, gyroscopes.

Georgia from Westminster, MD - Tour guide, writer. Request my book about Cycling Across America at

Gene from Charleston, WV - Chemical Engineer, retired. Generated process of designs for chemical plants and supported construction and startup of those plants.

Dan from Indianapolis, IN - graduated May 2005, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. B.M. Music Business.

George - Lawyer, retired. Concentrated on administrative law, litigation, business law and regulatory law.

Kristina (Tina) from Austin, TX - Graduate student in American Studies at University of Texas at Austin starting Fall 2005.

Doug from Odessa, MO - Sound man, drummer.

Kathryn from San Diego, CA - SAP Analyst. Systems analyst and programmer for sales department of Callaway Golf.

Jay from Indianapolis, IN - Retired from Eli Lilly and Company. Career in finance and marketing with some assignments in manufacturing plants. Most recent job prior to retirement involved the coordination of business alliances with marketed products.

Jack from Houston, TX - Retired from Nalco Chem Co. Graduate Knox College, Galesburg, IL. Chemistry major; 26 year career in marketing and sales.

Steve from Houston, TX. Retired from Nalco Chem Co. Chemist, research & manufacturing management. Special Projects manager.

And me, John Clark from Gales Ferry, CT - I am a retired seventh grade math teacher, avid cyclist, gardener and enjoy weight training at Fitness World, a Gym in Gales Ferry, CT. I just completed my seventh consecutive long-distance cycling Ride For Alzheimer's. This effort has raised over $90,000, counting nearly $15,000 this year and would not be possible without the assistance and support of my wife Donna and my stepson Ed who is the creator and manager of this website ( Thank you to all the special people who have supported my Alzheimer's cycling effort over the years. My long term goal is to raise $100,000 for the Alzheimer's Association, and my plan is to accomplish this goal with a ride next summer.

Click here for my stories from the final ride day, when everybody ended up in Portsmouth, NH for the Atlantic Ocean wheel dipping!

Airport arrival

Reunion with Foxy Lady!

Reunion with Foxy Lady!

Reunion with Foxy Lady!

Great to be home

Great to be home

cheering on Lance in Tour de France

Vivian & Foxy discussing garden plans

my garden: salad and cherry tomatoes, yellow and zucchini squash, bush and pole beans, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, carrots, beets and potatoes

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