Alzheimer's Web Links


Alzheimer's Association -

The Alzheimer's Association, a national voluntary health organization, provides information and services to people

with Alzheimer's, caregivers, researchers, physicians, and health care professionals.
The Connecticut Alzheimers Association, serving the needs of the population of CT. website

Alzheimer Forum -

A compendium of information for researchers, physicians and the general public, the site includes news, articles,

discussion forums, interviews, diagnostic and treatment guide, directory of drugs and clinical trials, and research

advances. It also provides access to such unique tools as directories of genetic mutations, antibodies, patents,

and conferences.

ADEAR (Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center) -

ADEAR maintains information on Alzheimer's disease research, diagnosis, treatment, drugs, and clinical trials, and

Federal Government programs and resources.

Heath Information on AD from the National Library of Medicine -

An all-in-one search site, this page provides links to recent news items, symptoms and diagnosis, research,

statistics, clinical trials, coping issues and other resources.

Alzheimer's Disease Brain -

The site illustrates degenerative neurons in the brain and the areas responsible for motor, vision, sensory, speech

and memory functions.

Alzheimer's Disease Process in RealMedia -

In an 80-second film clip the viewer can learn about neurons, neurotransmitters, tangles and plaques, and the

death of nerve cells.

Normal and Alzheimer Brain Comparison -

Viewable are lateral and overhead scans of a normal brain and an Alzheimer brain with the areas of memory,

understanding, hearing, speech, temper, personality, and brain atrophy labeled.


Caregiver's Handbook -

Although this handbook is not specific to Alzheimer's, it is easily applicable to AD, provides good coverage on care

for the caregiver and is copyright free - making it an excellent training tool.

Caregiving Tips from the Perspective of the Person with Dementia -

An Australian writer who has Alzheimer's disease provides practical advice on how to handle 20 caregiving



“How to" Caregiving Skills -

Short animations demonstrate home safety, infection control, personal care, transfers, incontinence care and more

at To find the animations, follow the links "Alzheimer's/Dementia", and "Caregiving Skills."

If you are accessing the link live, click

Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Center -

The Mayo Clinic site contains articles on driving, caregiving tips, nutrition, communication, stress management,

depression, interactive caregiver stress tools and a free e-mail update service.

Planning for Long-term Care - http://www.alzheimers.orci/pubs/longterm.html

This web site from the National Institute on Aging explores the options for long term care, with articles on planning

ahead, making the right choice, and making a smooth transition.

Predicting Time in the Nursing Home - Columbia University has developed a tool to help predict how long it might be until a person with Alzheimer's requires nursing home care. See the home page for their methodology.

Rush Manual for Caregivers from Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center -

Written for family caregivers the manual contains 30 chapters on stages, treatment, communication, intimacy,

coping, spiritual needs, legal matters, traveling, driving, exercise, hygiene, incontinence, and nutrition and more.

Viewers can download the manual in PDF for free; click Caregiver's Manual.pdf.

The Alzheimer's Page from Washington University in St. Louis -

This site links aging and dementia sites and contains the ALZHEIMER discussion group (an on-line support group for family caregivers and professionals).


Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) -

The ADI web site links to fifty-seven Alzheimer's disease associations throughout the world, most in developing

countries. It lists information about AD (for the person with AD and the caregiver - in English and in 25+

languages.) It also contains information on the global impact of Alzheimer's as well as other activities of ADI. -

Persons with Alzheimer's disease, family members and members of the public can find current trials and research.

The searchable database provides information on the name of the study, the purpose, eligibility, and contact

information. Additionally the site indicates whether the study is recruiting and includes citations from published


Manual of Geriatrics -  

This Internet version of the manual is intended to help both families and professionals find descriptions and treatment information on conditions prevalent in the elderly. Nineteen sections, averaging ten chapters each cover a wide range of disciplines and geriatric diseases.



Caregiver and Senior Websites  

The official site of the American Association of Retired Persons(AARP). Contains articles and resources on caregiving, health, legal legislative and social issues for people over 50.  

Life Answers. A series of online articles sponsored by AARP. Topics include caregiving, driving safety, legal solutions, grief and loss, independence and housing.  

A series of 6 free on-line seminars sponsored by AARP. Topics include: Reverse mortgages, managed care, exercise, caring for aging parents and assisted living.

Alzheimers, Dementia and Driving. This site, developed by the Hartford Insurance Company helps families cope with the dilemma of persuading a family member with Alzheimers to stop driving.

An online article by the American Medical Association about the health consequences of caregiving.

A caregiver self assessment tool developed by the American Medical Association to monitor caregiver stress levels.  

A website dedicated to "And Thou Shalt Honor" a PBS program airing Oct. 2002. Contains links and resources for caregivers.

The AXA Foundation Family Care Resource Connection categorizes caregiving resources by topical area. Topics include hands-on caregiving, community services, housing and living arrangements.



Because We Care: A Guide for People Who Care. An online resource guide from The Administration on Aging for the growing number of Americans who are caring for an older family member, adult child with disabilities, or older friend. This Guide provides information and a range of suggestions to make caregiving easier and more successful.

Reviews of books about Alzheimers and caregiving.  

A website from the magazine, Today's Caregiver. Provides online caregiver articles and magazine information. Online articles on caregiver issues. Includes stages in caregiving, a caregiver support center, frequently asked questions and caregiver stories.  

The Internet home of the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA). NFCA is a grass roots organization created to educate, support, empower and speak up for the millions of Americans who care for chronically ill, aged or disabled loved ones. Provides services such as a bereavement kit, prescription drug discounts and a caregiver newsletter.  

National Alliance for Caregiving provides caregiver tips, links and book suggestions.

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. Describes the role of the care manager and allows users to search for a local certified geriatric care manager.

National Council on Aging Consumer Information Network provides short education programs on topics such as: Medicare, Alzheimers, safety relationships and other issues of interest to seniors.
Full listing of Assisted Living Facilities in CT
Assisted Living Directory includes a *free service* for facilities to list their information. The goal of the site has been to make online advertising accessible to all assisted living facilities large and small. Includes google mapping capability to Assisted Living pages.

Nursing Home Info provides information about choosing a nursing home, listings of facilities and a needs assessment tool.  

AgeNet Solutions for Better Aging provides articles on caregiving, housing, legal, insurance, health, home and drugs. Also provides online tools such as eldercare checklist and home safety checklist.  

AGS Foundation for Health and Aging provides consumer oriented research from the American Geriatric Society. Provides a complete online book called "Eldercare at Home" that focuses on the health problems of seniors.

Caregiver's Handbook. A complete online handbook for caregivers written by the San Diego County Mental Health Services. Provides full instructions for caregiving at home, including physical care and emotional and legal issues.  

The Eldercare Locator allows users to search for eldercare resources in any state.

The Eldercare Resource Center provides a variety of articles on all aspects of caregiving.  

ElderWeb. An excellent site for news updates on legislative, health, legal and consumer protection issues.  

Family Caregiver Alliance provides updates on caregiver and senior news, statistics, and public policy. Provides factsheets on health and aging issues.



Insurance and Government Benefit Program Sites

Official website of the Administration on Aging. This U.S. government site describes programs and services for seniors that are funded by the Older Americans Act. Go to the "quick index" page for a listing of all programs and topics.

Benefits A site that allows a senior to enter personal information and receive a list of community services and benefits that he or she is eligible for. Includes State of Connecticut programs.

FirstGov for Seniors is a user friendly site that compiles health, consumer protection and legislative information from other government sites. Much of the information is health focused.

Medicare. The official US Government site for people with Medicare. Provides information about Medicare benefits, nursing home comparisons, Medigap insurance, prescription drug assistance and more.

INFO LINE of Connecticut provides information about state financial assistance programs, housing, home car and legal issue

Center for Medicare Advocacy. Helps seniors and people with disabilities understand Medicare benefits and obtain needed services. Extensive information on Medicare rights.

GovBenefits provides brief information about social security programs and online forms and applications.

State of CT Dept of Social Services, Elderly Services Division provides information about state entitlement and benefit programs for seniors.

CT Partnership for Long Term Care provides information about purchasing long term care insurance. Lists plans and describes how the Partnership can provide long term care insurance savings.

Social Security Online provides information on all social security programs.



Elder Law and Legal Links

Ct . A site sponsored by Connecticut Legal Services, Inc.  Offers articles on nursing homes, patient rights, wills, funeral arrangements, health care and where to get legal help. Provides extensive information about Medicare and Medicaid.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. The consumer section contains articles on how to select an elder law attorney. The site allows users to search for the names of elder law attorneys in all states.

Eldercare Online Legal and Financial Channel provides articles on elderlaw, financial matters, taxes, estate planning and more.

NoLo Law for All Retirement and Eldercare section provides articles on financial matters, estate planning, advance directives, etc.

AARP Legal Solutions provides articles on legal matters and practical tools such as a worksheet for your will.

The American Bar Association consumer's guide to help on the internet provides articles on working with lawyers.